Tales of Crestoria Sorey: Sorey Character Guide

Sorey is a Wind element character in Tales of Crestoria game. Read on for Tales of Crestoria Sorey character guide for beginners

Tales of Crestoria Sorey: –Tales of Crestoria Sorey

  • Full Name: Sorey(The Dawn’s Guidance)
  • Role – Tank
  • ELement – Wind
  • Type – Sorey uses the sword as a weapon type
  • Grade – SSR
  • Ascension Count: 5

Tales of Crestoria Sorey stats: –

  • HP: 25, 300
  • Attack: 2, 410
  • Defense: 3, 400

Sorey Skill information: –

  • Incorruptible Soul: – +20% Defense to wind allies

Sorey’s Mystic Arte: –

  • Bolt Tempest:  – chances to unleash Wildfire on the enemy for 2 turns. Requires OL: 140. Also, with this Arte, attacks one enemy

Artes I: –

  • Searing Gale – Attacks one enemy. CD: 5

Artes II: –

  • Sword Rain: Alpha – attacks on one enemy. CD: 4

The normal attack also inflicts damage to one enemy. 

Tales of Crestoria Sorey Overview: –

Sorey is one of the best tank characters in Tales of Crestorial game. His defense stats are great, the skill increases the defense of Wind allies. In the PvP and PvE game modes, Sorey performs amazingly well. If you are looking for a great tank, you should deploy Sorey in the squad. He would not disappoint you. 

For more information on all the characters, check out this Tales of Crestoria tier list where we have revealed the tier score of Sorey and others in the game modes such as PvE, PvP, and the Raid mode. 

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So this would be all in this article on Tales of Crestoria Sorey guide for the beginners. 

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