Date A Live Spirit Pledge Kotori Itsuka: Kotori Itsuka Guide

Kotori Itsuka is one of the cute and great girl spirits in Date A Live Spirit Pledge. Read on for Date A Live Spirit Pledge Kotori Itsuka guide

Date A Live Spirit Pledge Kotori ItsukaDate A Live Spirit Pledge Kotori Itsuka: –

  • Range; Melee & Long-Distance
  • Type of Damage – Physical and Fire Damage
  • Unleashes ranged-attacks in cannon form
  • Strength Stats; Attack/DPS, Defense
  • Energy Overview(Skills requirement) – (Skills cost Rage). Kotori Itsuka gains Rage by unleashing the basic attack. Each base attack/hit gains x2/x3 Rage respectively. When receiving hits in a row, Kotori gains Rage up to every 0.5 seconds. 
  • Grade – S Class

Date A Live Spirit Pledge Kotori Itsuka Build Recommendations: –

Build I Recommended Sephira for Kotori Itsuka – 

  • Command: Sin Breaker  – increases attack based on current vitality/HP
  • Command: Bonding Oath: +HP, restores every second
  • No.3 – Command: Formation Shatter: + DMG Bonus

Build II Recommended Sephira Kotori Itsuka – 

  • Scorch: Wind Embers: Flame Damage Bonus
  • Scorch: Scarlet Embrace: when equipped by Kotori, enjoy +Crit Rate, +CRIT DMG in cannon form
  • No.3 – Scorch: Exorcist’s End: Kotori gains full energy when a battle initiates

Kotori Itsuka Skills & Skill Combo: –

  • Flaming Retribution: – while in the Halberd form, causes a blade storm with Camael(inflicts damage) – more damage on enemies affected with the ignite effect. While in Cannon form, uses Camael(cannon to eject energetic fire pillar to invade enemies in the front). Inflicts flame damage. 
  • Infernal Judgement: – while in Halberd form(leaps towards and causes a heavy strike one time. Inflicts Flame DMG). While in Cannon form(shoots a fireball after being charged. The fireball turns into a black hole to pull nearby enemies on hit. Fireball inflicts fire damage. The black hole lasts for a few seconds and strike fire damage).
  • Flame Arbiter: – while in Halberd form(knockback nearby enemies and attack repeatedly. Ignites the target. Inflicts physical damage). While in Cannon form(jumps up and launches giant fireball forward. The fireball explodes to inflict Flame DMG to adjacent enemies . Ignites the target). 

Skill Combo: –

Camael -> Flaming Retribution -> Camael -> Infernal Judgement -> Camael -> Flame Arbiter. 

Kotori Itsuka Overview: –

Kotori Itsuka is one of the great S class rosters in Date A Live Spirit Pledge game with great attack and defense stats. With her skills, you can inflict a great volume of damage to the enemies and apply ignite effect on them. 

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So that’s all in this post on Date A Live Spirit Pledge Kotori Itsuka guide; overview, skills, build info. 

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