Date A Live Spirit Pledge Kurumi Tokisaki: Kurumi Tokisaki Guide

Kurumi Tokisaki is one of the main spirits in Date A Live Spirit Pledge. Read on for Date A Live Spirit Pledge Kurumi Tokisaki guide for beginners

Date A Live Spirit Pledge Kurumi TokisakiDate A Live Spirit Pledge Kurmi Tokisaki: –

  • Role – Mid-Ranged Attacker
  • Type of Damage – Dark Damage
  • Overview – Kurumi Tokisaki’s skills cost Time but the cooldown is short. With City of Devouring Time, Kurumi Tokisaki can absorb Time from the foes
  • Energy Overview – Replenishes x3 Time/second. 
  • Class – S

Kurumi Tokisaki Sephira Build Recommendation: –

Build I – 

  • Judgment: Flowing Lands
  • Judgment: Dance of Time
  • No. 3 – Judgment: Reincarnation Shadow

Build I Details; increases the stats, improves survivability/control-effects/high-damage. 

Build II: –

  • Phantom: Heroic Stance
  • Judgment: Dance of Time
  • Imola

Build II Details; specially designed for daily challenges. 

Kurumi Tokisaki Skills & Skill Combo –

  • Spinning Slide: spins to attack all nearby enemies. Inflicts dark damage(x3 strikes)
  • Time-Eating Castle: inflicts dark damage + a layer of Time Corrosion to all the enemies. Enemies with this layer suffer more damage from Kurumi. When the realm is on, Kurumi enjoys +15% ATK and unleashes lifesteal that steal x1 Time from each enemy every few seconds
  • Shooting Gallery: inflicts dark damage. Teleports near a target; then shoots the target several times
  • Sky Barrage: jumps up to knock back nearby enemies and shoots enemies continuously from above

Skill Combo: –

Zafkiel’s Handles -> Spinning Blade -> Zafkiel’s Handles -> Sky Barrage ->  Zafkiel’s Handles -> Shooting Gallery. 

Date A Live Spirit Pledge Kurumi Tokisaki Overview: –

Kurmi Tokisaki is an S class spirit in the game with great damage skills that are capable of casting powerful strikes. You can further improve her stats by gearing her up with recommended sets that are mentioned above. The main strength of her is the damage power she possesses – enough to slay down multiple enemies. 

You can check this character’s tier ratings in this Date A Live Spirit Pledge tier list

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So this would be all in this Date A Live Spirit Pledge Kurumi Tokisaki guide; overview, skills, Sephira. 

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