Date A Live Spirit Pledge Origami Tobiichi: Origami Tobiichi Guide

Origami Tobiichi is a B-class character in Date A Live Spirit Pledge game. Read on for Origami Tobiichi guide for beginners

Date A Live Spirit 

Date A Live Spirit Pledge Origami Tobiichi

Pledge Origami Tobiichi: –

  • Role; Melee attacker and Ranged attacker. Origami Tobiichi is capable of fighting from a close range and long-distance
  • Energy: Endurance. Origami Tobiichi requires “Endurance” as energy to cast the skills. 
  • Getting energy: starts with x100. Origami Tobiichi gains energy when not attacking the enemies or dodging. 
  • Grade – B Class

Date A Live Spirit Pledge Origami Tobiichi Sephira Build Recommendations: –

  • Phantom: Heroic Stance – this Sephira will increase Crit rate and Crit damage of Origami Tobiichi
  • Prydwen: Rose Slash – this Sephira will increase Pierce rate and DMG of Origami Tobiichi
  • Imola – this sephira will increase attack and skill attack damage of Origami Tobiichi

This is the recommended sephira set build for Origami Tobiichi in Date A Live Spirit Pledge game. Focus on increasing the CRIT/Pierce stats + ATK/Skill DMG. 

Origami Tobiichi Skills & Skill Combo: –

  • Basic – attack adjacent foes – inflicting straight strikes and cause PHY DMG
  • Light Saber Flurry – slashes frontal enemies multiple times at an extreme speed
  • Ultimate Barrage: – shoots bullet to strike enemies from a distance. Inflicts flame damage on them
  • Nuclear Landing – one of her great skills that release missiles on the enemies and cause massive damage

Skill Combo: –

Basic attack -> light saver -> basic attack -> ultimate barrage -> basic attack -> nuclear landing. 

Origami Tobiichi Overview: –

Origami Tobiichi is one of the characters that you get in the very early game. She can inflict melee damage and ranged attacks on the enemies with the abilities she possesses. And, the damage is decent. You can easily clear early battles with Origami Tobiichi. For more information, check the Origami Tobiichi tier score in this DaL Spirit Pledge tier list

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So that’s all in this post on Date A Live Spirit Pledge Origami Tobiichi guide; overview, skills, build info. 

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