Destiny Knights Tier List And Re-Rolling Guide For Beginners

Destiny Knights Tier ListThe gorgeous free to play RPG, Destiny Knights, by Netmarble, has just released globally. Check out the complete re-rolling guide and Destiny Knights Tier List

Destiny Knights, previously known as Destiny 6, has just released for mobile devices on the app store and Google Play Store. If you have just started playing it and looking for the tier list or re-rolling guide, then you should read this post. In this post, we have shared a complete Destiny Knights Re-Rolling guide and Destiny Knights tier list. Let’s get started: –

Before You Re-Roll: –

The game offers one free summon at the start and it would be a normal summon, using it, you can acquire a 2* knight easily. After completing the tutorial, claim the check-in reward. You get +3,500 rubies on the first day as check-in reward. To claim; tap the inbox icon on the top-right side of the screen or tap the Etc. button(bottom-left side, near summon option) -> check-in -> day 1. Now, you have +3,500 rubies.

In the adventure mode, complete the first area(complete all the regions); Silvas. Completing this area rewards you 3,500 rubies for free. Now, you have +7,000 rubies. It’s time to summon.

Go to the summon -> go for 10X summon(pay attention to the events; if drop rate of quality heroes is high) -> confirm. Open all the cards and claim 5* heroes. If you are lucky, you could get an extra 5* character in the bonus card.

Our first summon’s result; Zhao Chi, Yanuk. In the second 10X summon, we did not get any 5* character(most of them were of 4-stars).

After Summoning: –

Once you are all done(after 2 times 10X summon), you may have a question; the five-star heroes you get from summoning are good or not? Should you re-roll or not? Our answer is no. Don’t waste your time in re-rolling once you get two 5* heroes. In case, you didn’t get two 5* heroes; you should re-roll. But if you are re-rolling for a specific 5* character, then it’s a waste of time.

Destiny Knights Tier List: –

Knights or Characters Or Monsters to look for when re-rolling: –

  1. Julian – Scissor
  2. Julian – Rock
  3. Adonis – Rock
  4. Adonis – Paper
  5. Arcana – Scissor
  6. Tasia – Scissor
  7. Tasia – Paper
  8. Francisca – Paper
  9. Francisca – Rock
  10. Carlota – Scissor
  11. Natalia – Rock
  12. Natalia – Scissor
  13. Kur – Scissor
  14. Yanuk – Scissor
  15. Yona – Rock
  16. Shaolin – Scissor
  17. Zhao Chi – Scissor
  18. Zhao Chi – Paper
  19. Jun – Paper
  20. Helga – Rock
  21. Helga – Scissor
  22. Gunter – Scissor
  23. Gunter – Paper
  24. Sierra – Paper

So this is our Destiny Knights Tier List. BTW, this is not the official tier list. If you still have doubt; the hero you get is good or not; then go to the heroes menu(main screen, bottom-left corner) -> tap the hero -> check the hero rating. There you can see the reviews from other players.Destiny Knights Tier List

P, S, R – What Is It?

P – Paper, S- Scissor, R – Rock. All the characters featured in Destiny Knights game are of these types. Paper class characters are weak against Scissor type. Scissor class characters are weak against Rock type. Rock class characters are weak against Paper type.

You can check the complete list of characters in the codex -> Hero Codex. Now, let’s learn how to re-roll.

Destiny Knights Re-Rolling Guide: –

The Primary Step; don’t link the game to Google or Facebook account. Just tap the connect option to start. Name; It costs you 1,000 rubies to change name(shop -> feature -> change name). So choose your name wisely. Once done, claim the check-in reward and complete the first area in the adventure mode. And then, summon. If the results are not good, it’s time to start the game again: –

  1. Go to file manager
  2. Head to the Android Folder in File Manager
  3. In the Android Folder, head to the data folder
  4. In the data folder, look for the folder; com.netmarble.destiny
  5. Rename the folder(for example; com.netmarble.destiny to com.netmarble.destiny1)
  6. After it, go to the mobile settings
  7. Head to the apps
  8. Find and head to the Destiny Knights
  9. Clear the data
  10. Go back to the file manager -> Android -> Data
  11. Rename the folder to its default(com.netmarble.destiny1 to com.netmarble.destiny)
  12. Open the game again

After following the above steps, Destiny Knights game will start from the beginning. Make sure to change the folder’s name and after clearing the data, rename it again to its default. Otherwise, the game will download the data again. Start the game -> claim reward, complete first area and summon again. Keep re-rolling until you get the desired one; however, if you are re-rolling over and over again, you are wasting time. Because Destiny Knights is not a p2w game, it’s f2p. One can easily obtain good heroes by just playing the game.

Evaluating The Destiny Knights Tier List: –

Destiny Knights Tier ListIn the above Destiny Knights Tier list, we mentioned a number of characters to look for when re-rolling. If you need more details, then go to the codex -> tap the character. There you can see its stats(you can even check it on the basis of level or grade). Head to the skills tab to check its skill details; leader skill, strike skill, and normal. Tap the skill preview button to get practical info.

So that’s enough for now; this is the Desinty Knights re-rolling guide and Destiny Knights tier-list.

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