Knights Chronicle Tier List – Best Characters In The Game

Netmarble’s Knights Chronicle game features amazing characters; dark knights, white knights, and more. Check out the Knights Chronicle Tier List

In the previous post on Knights Chronicle game(Check Here), we shared a detailed guide for the beginners that helps the player in understanding all the mechanics of the game and additionally, we shared tips, cheats & tactics to master the game. In this post, we are going to share the Knights Chronicle Tier List – Best Attackers, Defenders, Healers, and Arena Specialist.

First of all: –

  • All the characters featured in the Knights Chronicle game have different stats
  • When you start the game, the game will force you to summon the characters to build a perfect team
  • And upon summoning, you will get a random character
  • It might be the best character or normal
  • The player can re-roll by restarting the game(clear the data, don’t link the game until you get a perfect character)
  • The reason is some characters are best in a specific role. For instance; Cain character is the best character you can add to the team if you are going to play the PvP arena mode
  • So, today we are sharing the Knights Chronicle Tier list and you will be able to build the best party of characters and for those who are looking for the list that specifies the best character in a specific role, read this post completely

Knights Chronicle Tier List: –

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Here’ the detail of each character we mentioned in above Knights Chronicle Tier List: –

  • Deimos
  1. Leader Skill – Increase Water/Dark Allies’ Recovery Amount By 15%
  2. Passive Skill – Restores all allies’ HP by 15% and decreases the buff duration of 2 enemies by 1 turn. On Level 60(talent), this character can revive the deal ally with 70% HP+Increases their attack by 30% for 2 turns
  3. Rank – SSR
  4. Type – Support
  • Karen
  1. Leader Skill – Increases Water/Light Allies’ HP Recovery amount by 20%
  2. Passive Skill – Grants 10% HP over time to an ally with the lowest HP for turns. On Level 60(talent), this character will be able to remove debuffs from allies, revive dead ally with 30% HP(T & C Applies šŸ˜‰ )
  3. Rank – SSR
  4. Type – Support
  • Rue
  1. Leader Skill/LS – Increases Fire/Wind Allies’ HP Recovery amount by 10%
  2. Passive Skill – This character can remove buffs(damage immunity, shield) from all enemies at the start of the turn. And Rue has also an ability of healing. On Level 60(talent), this character can restore the HP(partners) and decrease the skill cooldown time by 1 turn
  3. Rank – SSR
  4. Type – Support
  • Sid
  1. Leader Skill – Increases Wind/Water Allies’ HP Recovery Amount By 10%
  2. Passive Skill – Grants a shield and damage immunity to all allies for two turns (30% chances, 10% chances[respectively]). Level 60 (Talent) – Increases critical strike chance by 30%, attack by 30% when an ally’s HP drops below 30%
  3. Rank – SSR
  4. Type – Support
  • Mina
  1. LS – Increases Dark/Wind Allies’ Multistrike chances by 10%
  2. Passive Skill – Can revive up to 1 time, restores 30% of HP(when using skills). Level 60 Talent – +20% Bonus damage
  3. Rank – SSR
  4. Type – Hybrid
  • Cain
  1. LS – Increases Dark/Light Allies’ Multistrike chance by 10%
  2. Passive Skill – Increase in multistrike and counterattack when enemy recovers HP. Increase in the attack by 10% for two turns. Level 60(talent) = +50% damage to supporter type enemies, absorbs damage, decreases the attacker’s recovery amount by 100% for 2 turns
  3. Type – Attack
  4. Rank -SSR
  • Lucy
  1. Rank – SSR
  2. This character is not available in the Global Version as of now.
  3. Highlights – Lets the enemy wait for the turn(forces to skip), strong passive skills
  4. Recommendation(in replace of this character) – Kristian
  • Curly(May Not In Global Version) Or The Controller Kali
  1. Leader Skill – Increases ATK By 40%(Wind Allies)
  2. Passive Skill – Poison 3 enemies for 30% of ATK for 2 turns(if casterĀ hides). Level 60 Talent – Recovers 100% HP . Blinds all the enemies for 1 turn. 40% bonus damage to the enemy affected by damage over time
  3. Rank – SSR
  4. Type – Hybrid
  • Morrigan
  1. LS – IncreasesĀ  Fire Allies’ ATK by 40%
  2. Passive Skill – (+50%) attack to a bleeding target at the start of the turn. Increases the caster’s Attack damage by 10% for 2 turns when invading a bleeding target. Level 60 Talent – Revives with 50% HP and becomes berserker for 3 turns upon death. Takes 25% less damage after transforming into the Berskerker.
  3. Rank – SSR
  4. Type -Attack
  • Ramu
  1. LS – Increases Wind/Water allies’ Max HP by 15%
  2. Passive Skill – Restores partners’ HP by 6% at the end of the turn. Level 60 buff – Revive 1 time with 100% HP upon death
  3. Rank – SSR
  4. Type – Hybrid

Read our Knights Chronicle Guide if you don’t know about the fire, wind, water, dark, and light elements. The list above mentioned the strongest characters in the game in all the roles. The rank is assigned on the basis of buffs, passive skills, attack, their skills, and additional skills like recoveringĀ allies, dealing bonus damage, removing debuffs etc. If you want to know about the characters, then tap the menu -> and then choose the codex option and on the next screen, you can see all the characters.

Since it’s a universal tier list, now, let’s find out the best characters on the basis of roles.

Knights Chronicle – Tier List – Best Attackers: –

  1. Mina
  2. Esna (LS – Increases Water Allies’ ATK By 50% if the party has 5 or +5 water heroes, PS – (+40% ATK). Level 60 – (+50% critical strike chances, restores HP)
  3. Curly or Kali
  4. Morian or Morrigan
  5. Ruby (LS – Increases Wind Allies’ ATK By 40% if the party has 5 or +5 wind heroes). PS – Removes enemy buffs. Level 60 – Decreases skill cooldown

Go to the menu -> codex -> and learn more about these characters. The rank is assigned to these characters on the basis of their power, bonus damage, and skills(for attacking purpose).

Best Healers: –

  1. Deimos
  2. Karen
  3. Sid
  4. Roux
  5. Ramu

Healers can heal the companions and recover the allies. And you should add at least one healer to your team. If you have one of these healers listed above, then must include it.

Best Defenders: –

  • Electra
  • Claude
  • Malduque
  • Cordelia
  • Liberto

The main role of defenders is protecting the allies from enemy attacks and blocking the enemy attacks. They play an important role in the highly-action-packed battles by protecting attackers & healers.

Best Characters For Arena Battles: –

  1. Cain
  2. Ruby
  3. Edwin
  4. Serdick
  5. Meri/Mary

These are the five best characters for PvP arena battles.

However, it does not mean rest characters are useless and if you have not one of these strongest characters, you can not win the battles. Check out our these tips, cheats to master the game. Download Knights Chronicle game for Android – Here(Google Play Store).

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