Tokyo Ghoul re birth Rerolling Guide And Tier List

Tokyo Ghoul re birth, the English version of Tokyo Ghoul re invoke is finally out worldwide. Check out our Tokyo Ghoul re birth rerolling guide and tier list

Tokyo Ghoul re birth, Bandai Namco has just released the English version of Tokyo Ghoul re invoke and if you are looking for a rerolling guide and tier list, we have got you covered. This rerolling guide explains to you how to restart the game from the beginning without uninstalling.

As of now, the drop rate of SSR units is 4%, featured SSR units’ drop rate is 1%, SR units drop rate is 27%. And the current event features Haise Sasaki(one of the best characters – drop rate – 1%). We have not got this unit yet(even after +10 times reroll). Hope you will get it. Let’s check out the Tokyo Ghoul re birth rerolling guide and Tokyo Ghoul re birth/re-invoke tier list.

Tokyo Ghoul re birth Rerolling Guide – SSR Units

The game gives you three summon chances in the beginning; tutorial summon, with +50 Kaku Gems, and voucher ticket(SSR Unit, dispatch). Let’s get started: –

Tokyo Ghoul re birth Rerolling guide and tier listAfter completing the tutorial, head to the main screen(territory) -> tap the menu button -> tap the gift icon and claim all the rewards. You will get +50 Kaku gems+an SSR ticket(voucher summon). Head to the summon tab -> premium summon -> multi summon(Spend 50 Kaku gems). Once done, go back to the summon tab, scroll below -> voucher summon -> multi-summon(spend the SSR ticket/voucher). If you have not got the unit you want, then here’s how to reroll in Tokyo Ghoul re birth game(Android) –

  1. Go to the file manager
  2. Go to Android -> Data folder
  3. There would a folder named com.bandainamcoent.TKGRB
  4. Rename is to com.bandainamcoent.TKGRB1
  5. Once done, go to the mobile settings
  6. Settings -> apps -> Tokyo Ghoul
  7. Clear the data of the game
  8. Go back to the file manager
  9. Android -> Data
  10. Rename the com.bandainamcoent.TKGRB1 to its default -> com.bandainamcoent.TKGRB

We just added 1 to the last(folder’s name)  and then revert it back after clearing the data. Note – If there is not(exact name folder), then search for Tokyo Ghoul re Birth folder(TGKRB) in Android/Data directory. Once done, open the game again.

  • The game will prompt you to download 200MB data(even after applying the above steps)
  • Confirm it, but it would not cost any 200MB data as the files are already there

Complete the tutorial again. Go for tutorial summon. Collect the free rewards. Go for premium and voucher summon. Repeat the above steps again until you get favorite units.

Way 2: –

  • When you start the game, the game gives you transfer ID
  • You can use it to start the game on another device
  • Use that ID on another device
  • Once done, the game will kick you on the first device and will start from the beginning

Haise and Eto are good units to look for. If you’ve got Eto or Haise, then don’t reroll. As per the current event, there are only 1% chances of obtaining Haise. And 4% chances of obtaining an SSR unit. Go to the summon tab -> premium summon event -> tap the odds button to check the drop rate+list of characters. Tokyo Ghoul re birth Rerolling guide and tier list

In the first/second phase, we got Akira Mado, Salko Yonebayashi, Shu Tsukiyama, Non-Killing Owl, Hinami Fueguchi, Yamori, and Yukinori Shinohara.

After obtaining the characters, go to the team tab -> roaster -> tap the character to get more info. Head to the skills tab to get skill info. Tap the upgrade info button -> mastery for more details. You can earn more Kaku gems by playing the story mode(you get one at each stage, as the first-time clear reward).

Tokyo Ghoul re birth tier list(re-invoke)

If you are unsure whether the units you got are good or not, then this Tokyo Ghoul re birth tier list(re-invoke) may help you. It’s not an official/with all the details, but we hope, it will help you. Download – Here(Google Docs Link, Format – Spreadsheet, Source – Reddit, Subreddit – Tokyoghoulgames).

Keep in mind that events do not last for a long time; the featured units/their drop rate gets changed over time. By tapping the odds button, you can get the full details(summon -> choose a type -> odds) or tap the character details button to check out featured units. 

So this is the Tokyo Ghoul re birth Rerolling guide and tier list. Also, see – Top new Android games of this week

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