Eve Echoes market: how to sell in the market?

Unable to sell in EVE Echoes? In this post, you will learn how to sell the items or resources or ships in EVE Echoes in the Market to other players and earn ISK.

The players can buy and sell the resources or ship modules in the market. The basic in-game currency; ISK, is used in trading. Since the game does not tell you how to sell the resources or other things in the market, it could be difficult for beginners to figure out how to sell in the market and earn ISK. Well, In this post, we have shared a detailed guide on how to sell resources in EVE Echoes game. So without further ado, let’s get started.

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EVE Echoes – How To Sell?

EVE Echoes Sell In Market

⇒First, you need to be docked in the ITC station(Trading Centers). The player can not sell the items while in the space or station, which does not support trading. In EVE Echoes, you must be docked in the ITC station to sell the items. What is an ITC station, how to find it, and sell the resource? Let’s learn about that.

What Is ITC Station (Trading Centers)?

⇒ITC Station(Trading Centers) can be found in solar systems. One of the best ways to find the (Trading Centers)ITC station in EVE Echoes game is by going to the market menu. In the market menu, at the bottom-center, the game displays the nearby Trading Centers(tap that button to see the list). Select a trading center where you want to go/dock -> set as the destination -> tap the autopilot icon appears in the upper-left corner after you tap the “set as destination button”. Depending on the number of jumps, you will move there automatically. 

If you don’t know what is stargate map or how to access this map, we would recommend reading this guide: –

EVE Echoes Sell In Market

Eve Echoes Selling Items: –

Once you are docked in the (Trading Centers)ITC station, you will be able to sell the items. Go to the menu by tapping the pilot avatar in the top-left corner -> inventory -> item hangar -> select the item or resource that you want to sell -> choose the sell option -> select the quantity -> adjust the price -> check the forecast -> sell. Choose ship hangar if you want to sell the ships -> select the ship -> sell. Make sure it’s packed(repackage if it’s not).  So this is how you sell the resources or other things in EVE Echoes. Also, see –

If you choose the default price, the game will sell the item immediately and the ISK will be credited to your account. So this would be all in this post on how to sell/trade in the EVE Echoes game. Do you have any more questions? Comment below!

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  1. Update on the can’t sell issue. The most recent patch corrected an issue where pilots were able to enter Buy orders from stations with no ITC.
    Pilots may want to verify any Buy orders they have now, and cancel ones which might have been made at non-ITC stations before the bug was patched.

    • +1 to Nik and Pillow’s question.

      There appear to be many buy orders which are impossible to fulfill, as they are registered at non-ITC stations.