Family Island Game Islands – List, Travel Points

Read on and learn about Family Island game Islands – list of Islands, how do you travel and use travel points. Everything you need to know is hereFamily Island Game Islands

You begin your journey from an unknown Island discovered by the stone-age family. But the game is not limited to only one Island. As per the current version of the game, it has over 5 Islands where you can explore and find new things. The first island is called Home Island. On each Island, you get different quests to complete – for example – at nearby Island, the game gives you a quest in which you have to find five hidden chests. You will have to clear all the fog and explore the whole island to complete these Island quests. Let’s learn more about them in this post on Family Island Game Islands – List & Travel Points.

Family Island Game Islands List: –

  1. Home Island
  2. Nearby Island
  3. Sun Island
  4. Lilac Island
  5. Bouncy Island
  6. Red Island
  7. Forest Island
  8. Lost Island
  9. Island of Tears

How Do You Travel To These Islands?

In the bottom-left corner of the game screen, tap the Island option -> from there you can access or travel to different Islands. Select an Island where you want to visit and pay the travel points. Travel Points are required to visit these Islands. If you don’t have these points, the game would not let you travel.

 How Do You Get Travel Points?Family Island Game Islands

Travel Points are restored automatically. When you open the Island menu, you will see the number of travel points that you have in the current time. One travel point is restored in around 3 minutes.

Different Island – Different Treasure – In each Island, you will find exclusive resources that you will need to craft and build things at the home Island. Also, there would be lots of quests to complete. So keep traveling and exploring for more valuable rewards.

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  1. i cleared away all around the fancy arch and fall lantern on Trade island. How to i get them back to the home island? They don’t budge