Fantasy Earth Genesis Class Guide For Beginners

Fantasy Earth Genesis is a brand new online game for Android and iOS by Asobimo, Inc. Check out our Fantasy Earth Genesis Class guide for beginnersFantasy Earth Genesis

Asobimo Inc., the publisher behind top-class online games such as RPG Toram Online, Avabel Lupinus, and many more, has just released a brand new online game called Fantasy Earth Genesis in which players from different alliances fight each other in real-time. The two teams, with up to 50 players, fight each other in real-time. The very first thing that you need to do is choose a character class and then alliance. The players can freely change the character class later in the game – but you can not change alliance or transfer to another alliance without permit/permission. In this post, we have shared the Fantasy Earth Genesis Class guide for beginners that gives you an overview of each class and teaches you how to change the class. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Fantasy Earth Genesis Classes: –Fantasy Earth Genesis

  • Soldier
  • Striker
  • Hunter
  • Assassin
  • Wizard

Fantasy Earth Genesis features six character classes – each class has the characteristics that differentiate it from another class. Let’s learn about everything – class overview!

Soldier: –

A frontline character who can lead the team from the frontline. Unlike other classes, he might not be good at dealing damage to the enemies – but every team needs a tank-type character like him so that they can be protected or survive for long. Being a Soldier, your role would be leading from the front – act as a shield for other team players. In other words, if you love playing as a tank, Soldier class would be a good option. He uses the sword to attack enemy players in close range and possesses a shield having skills like stun and slow effect.

Striker: –

Striker is another melee type character class in the Fantasy Earth Genesis game who uses a long sword to tackle the enemy’s front line. As a Striker, your role would be dealing with the frontline characters because this class can break through the opponent’s frontline – thanks to the powerful attacks. He is good in close-range fights – increase his attack power by equipping better gears and equip better armors to increase survivability. He is a melee DPS unit.

Hunter: –

Hunter uses the bow to inflict attacks from a long-distance. If you play as a Hunter, you will be able to deal with enemy team’s melee type characters by targetting them from a long-distance. His defensive stats are not good – you can improve them by equipping good quality armor gears(increase survivability). He is a ranged DPS unit with AoE skills like Eagle Shot, Arrow Rain, True Shot that targets multiple enemies.

Assassin: –

Assassin is another one of the best character classes in the Fantasy Earth Genesis game. He possesses crowd control skills that can apply various effects on the enemy upon being unleashed. For example – Leg Break Skill. This short-range attack skill slows down the enemies for a few seconds. Enemies hit by this skill gets slow down – pretty good skill to cast on front line enemies. Guard Break – this is another short-range attack skill that increases damage on enemies for a few seconds. In other words, he can weaken the enemies.

Wizard: –

Wizard uses the staff weapon to cast magical spells to support the team for victory. He has long-range attack skills like Hunter that target multiples enemies. For example – Fire Lance Skill – Long-range flame attack skill that flames the enemy for a certain period. This class is much like the Hunter class.

How To Change Class?Fantasy Earth Genesis

Fantasy Earth Genesis allows you to switch to any class anytime. To change the class, you have to interact with Popo who is near the fountain/tool-shop/entrance -> talk to him by going close to him -> tap the talk button -> choose change class -> select the class that you want to play -> tap the OK button. Each character has a different profile – so the stats would not be transferred. For example – if you are Striker level 3 and change to Soldier, then you will start with Soldier level 1. Although, you can switch back to Striker Level 3 anytime by following the same steps.

So this would be all in this post on Fantasy Earth Genesis Class guide.

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