Family Island Game – How To Exchange Items For Experience?

Wondering how to exchange the items like Stick, Crafting Material, and Food in Family Island game for Experience Points? Read on and find out in this post

In one of the Family Island game quests, the game asks you to exchange Sticks for Experience in the storage. Also, another reason could be full storage – you are unable to pick or store any more items. In this quests or situation, you can exchange the unnecessary items for Experience points or stars. Let’s learn everything in detail – Family Island Game – how to exchange stick or any other item for Experience points/stars?

Steps To Exchange Items For Experience In Family Island Game: –

  • Tap the storage box button in the bottom-right corner of the game interface
  • Switch to the tabs based on the type of items that you want to exchange for experience
  • Tap the item card(ex; Stick) to select it
  • Tap the exchange button at the bottom of the item card to exchnage (1) unit of an item for Experience

So this is the step-by-step instructions. Check out the picture-by-picture instruction: –Family Island Game Exchange Items For Experience

First, tap the Storage box button as shown in the picture above. This will take you to the inventory; it has four tabs; basics, storehouse, food, and rare materials.Family Island Game Exchange Items For Experience

Now once you are there, tap the item card -> this will give you an option at the bottom of the card; to exchange the item for experience points or stars. For example – In the quest, you have to exchange 5 sticks – in return, you get 5-stars or more from the quest.

Keep in mind that you must have the item in the storage box to exchange it for the experience. Otherwise, it will show you 0 figure. Also, see –

So this would be all in this post on how to exchange items for experience in the Family Island game.

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4 thoughts on “Family Island Game – How To Exchange Items For Experience?”

  1. Great help to me. I do have one question… how do u exchange specialty items such as holiday candles or fir branches?? They take up all my storage