Utopia: Origin – How To Tame Red Horse?

Utopia: Origin Red HorseLet’s have a look at the Utopia: Origin red horse taming guide and learn everything from scratch; from making red horse feed to taming it

Red Horse is one of the fastest horses in Utopia: Origin game. People also call it a red flame horse. To mount this awesome creature, you will have to make red horse feed. To make this red horse feed recipe, you need wheat feed, chili feed, and quality meat. In addition to all these, you need patience; because gathering red chili is not an easy task. After gathering all these ingredients, you will make the red horse feed with the help of cooking pot. After that, you will find a red horse –> stun –> feed –> mount. Let’s start the Utopia Origin Red Horse taming guide!

1.) Gathering Red Chilli, Quality Meat, and Wheat

We would recommend you to make at least 10-13 red horse feed. And, to make enough feed, you will need to gather lots of chilies, quality meat, and wheat. Chilli – 65(65/5 = 13 chili feed). Quality Meat – 13. Wheat – 65(65/5=13 Wheat Feed).

How To Get Chilli

Utopia: Origin Red Horse
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Chilli is one of the rare items in Utopia: Origin game. You can gather it from Joy River Valley and Silvermoon Hills. We found chili in Joy River Valley. Here’s the map view: –

Utopia: Origin Red HorseAfter visiting this location, wait until the night(in the game) as chili spawns(most of the time) in the night. Since it is rare, you will get 5-10 only. After gathering all, move to a different point in the same location and wait until the day comes out. Visit the same spawn location in the night and look for it. In our experience, every two-three nights, chili spawns. Keep visiting and gather. Best of luck!

Survival – That location is pretty good; you can easily get water, food(sugarcane, pepper, fruits and many more items). But before you visit, make sure to have enough food in the bag as farming chili(+65) takes time. Additionally, mount the blue horse first.

If you are still struglling, try changing the archipelago. Visit nearby beacon -> teleport -> at the top-left on the map view, tap the archipelago and switch to another.

Quality Meat

Quality Meat in Utopia: Origin is better than the meat feed. The look is similar, but not the usage. You can get quality meat from the same location(Joy River Valley) by slaying down the yellow lizards. There are loads of yellow lizards in that location. Use the sword or wood club and kill them for quality meat. You can also get quality meat from the bears, green lizard.

Tip – When fighting with vulnerable creatures, don’t stay at a point. Always keep moving around the creature. Ο


You can easily get the wheat from greenfield areas and gather it with hands. Here’s the wheat plant picture: –Utopia: Origin Red Horse

2.) Utopia: Origin Red Horse Feed – Making Feed

Once you are all set, it’s time to convert chili, wheat into the chili feed, wheat feed respectively. Go close to the workbench -> tap the hand icon -> choose to make -> go to the items tab -> find wheat feed and chili feed and make the batch.


Utopia: Origin Red HorseGo close to the cooking pot -> tap the hand icon -> cook -> select wheat feed, chili feed, quality meat -> make. Get the red horse feed.

3.) Craft A Saddle

You need the saddle to capture the red horse. Tap the crafting icon at the top-right corner -> hand(left side) -> items tab -> mount saddle -> make. You can get wood from the trees. To get leather, you need animal hide(kill some pigs or cows to get hide). Once you have enough, go back to the crafting menu -> hand -> items -> leather(craft material) -> make.

4.) Setting Up All The Things

Put the red horse feed and mount saddle in the shortcut bar. Tap the bag icon at the bottom center of the screen -> tap the red horse feed -> shortcut bar. Tap mount saddle -> shortcut bar.

5.) Utopia: Origin Tame Red Horse

You can find a red horse in Lalu Volcano, Bone Mountain, and Old Bread Island. We found it in Lalu Volcano. Once found, use the wood club weapon and stun it. Once stunned, feed the recipe(from shortcut bar) until the game prompts you to the message – ready to capture. After that, tap the mount saddle.

So that’s all for now as Utopia: Origin red horse taming guide. If you have any questions, mention in the comment section below or check other guides: –

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