Fishing Clash Lure & Fish: Catching Legendary Mighty Fish!

In this post, you will learn about the Fishing Clash lure & fish: details on lure cards, catching bigger fish, boss battles, and more.Fishing Clash Lure Cards & Catch Fish

Fishing Clash Lure: What Are Lure Cards⇓

In Fishing Clash, lure cards are equipped to catch specific fish. Each fishery or location in the game features a specific set of lure cards. Depending on the fish that you want to catch, you can equip its lure card. A lure card has three main attributes; chance, weight, and HP. The “Chance” attribute determines the chances of catching that fish. Before you hit the cast button, tap on the “lure card” on the right side of the screen. Choose fishery on the left side, select a lure card, and check its stats on the top-right. 

Lure Card Upgrades & Rarity⇓

Lure cards or fish in Fishing Clash are classified in multiple rarities; common, rare, epic, mythical, and legendary. Legendary > Mythical > Epic > Rare > Common. 

  • Legendary Lure/Fish: Max Level 6
  • Mythical Lure/Fish: Max Level 8
  • Epic Lure/Fish: Max Level 9
  • Rare Lure/Fish: Max Level 11
  • Common Lure/Fish: Max Level 12

You will need dupes to make upgrades. Dupes; duplicate lure cards. For instance, to upgrade Blue Trout(legendary fish), you will need duplicate Blue Trout cards. You can get these cards from the shop or open the packs. If the upgrade is available, you will see the upgrade button. If not, you will see the required number of lures that you will need to make the upgrade. For instance, if it shows; 1/10 – it means, you have x1 dupe of that lure and you need a total of x10. That means you will need to accumulate x9 more. 

It costs coins too. The upgrade costs increase by level. 

Upgrade Benefits: you will earn XP(to level up), and the lure card attributes will increase; chances of catching the fish and average weight. 

How To Catch A Legendary Fish?

To catch a legendary fish in Fishing Clash, obtain its lure card. Having the lure card will increase the chances of catching that legendary fish, otherwise, the chances will be lower. Equip the legendary lure card, activate the power-ups; weight, luck, sonar, etc.

How To Catch A Bigger Fish?

To boost the chances of catching a bigger fish in Fishing Clash, equip the best-upgraded lure card that you have. You should also try to upgrade the rod level, draw perks, draw or activate license bonuses, and unlock/upgrade the skill. Also, equip the power-ups; weight, luck, etc. 

How To Catch A Boss Fish?

Unlike other fish in Fishing Clash, which you can easily get if you have obtained their lure card, boss fish are very rare. You can catch a boss fish with any equipped lure card but chances of encountering boss fish are very low. You need to keep patience and keep fishing. Eventually, you will encounter a boss fish; the game notifies you by displaying “boss fight/battle” below the tension bar. Each fishery or location in the Fishing Clash has x5 boss fish. 

How To Get Free Lure Cards?

Participate in the challenges, events, and championship for free lure packs in Fishing Clash. Or, make sure to redeem these gift codes

So this would be all in this post on Fishing Clash Lure & Fish: how to catch boss fish, legendary fish, and bigger fish. 

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