Fishing Clash Power Ups: List, Effects & Source!

Power Ups help you catch bigger fish and win duels! Read on for Fishing Clash Power Ups: list, effects, and how to get them for free!Fishing Clash Powerups

Fishing Clash Power Ups⇓

Power Ups provide bonus effects while fishing; you can use these power-ups in PvE as well PvP mode(Duel). As of writing this, the Fishing Clash game features x6 power-ups; each power up has a unqiue bonus effect. Devs recently added a new power up “multi-hook”. To activate the power-up, you just have to tap it and it will be activated. 

Power Up Effects⇓

Weight Power Up: Weight Power Up is one of the best power-ups in the Fishing Clash that significantly increase the weight of the fish, ultimately helping you in catching the heavy fish and getting better results in PvE/PvP. 

Dice/Chance: You can use this power-up to increase the chances of getting a specific fish. Although, this power-up would not activate if you have equipped a common grade lure card. Equip a high-grade lure card and then you will be able to activate it by tapping its icon on the screen. 

Clock/Fishing Speed: This power-up reduces the landing time, ultimately increasing fishing speed. You must activate it in duels as it’s very helpful. 

Sonar: Another powerful powerup in the game. It will show you the fish info; like weight, name of the fish in the lower-left corner if you have activated it. Tap the next button to check what’s the next fish you can strike and catch or tap the release option to start over. 

Clover/Luck: Use this powerup to catcher bigger fish. It increases the luck of getting a bigger fish in all the game modes. 

Multi-Hook: It allows you to catch multiple fish at a time. 

How To Get Power Ups In Fishing Clash?

You can earn powerups for free; participate in the events, try wheel of fortune, take part in challenges(tap the challenge option in the top-left side), and also from the fishing battle. Other than these, keep an eye on the codes for free power-ups. 

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