LifeAfter Best Cert – Gathering, Weapons Or Other?

LifeAfter Best CertLifeAfter – What is the best cert that you can choose and will benefit for a long time? Let’s read our LifeAfter Best Cert Post

Things in LifeAfter game gets changed as you progress a bit. You have to choose the cert that provides long-run benefit. The nine certs featured in LifeAfter game provide amazing buffs in a particular game’s aspect. As you progress a bit, you will unlock new weapons, items, and much more. Most of us want to make weapons quickly or use them for a long time. If you choose any one of the gathering buffs, you will gain buffs while gathering the resources and you will be able to make the weapons or other items quickly. The top four certs are Lumberjack(Logger), Miner, and Firearms Maker(Gun Maker), Rifleman. Let’s learn in details – LifeAfter Best Cert!

LifeAfter Certs: –

  1. Logger
  2. Miner
  3. Hemp Picker
  4. Firearms Maker
  5. Armorer
  6. Furniture Maker
  7. Rifleman
  8. Sniper
  9. Warrior

LifeAfter Logger Cert –

  • Allows you to chop special trees such as stumps, olive. Higher chances of getting secondary items.
  • Increases logging speed
  • Increases critical hit chances while chopping trees
  • Improves secondary resources drop rate
  • Lets you obtain broadleaf, boxwood

You will often need wood cores, vines, old cypress, cypress leaf in making items. All these resources are obtained by chopping the trees. If you choose the logger cert in LifeAfter game, it will benefit you in the long run.

But what if you don’t choose this cert?

  1. You will have to spend more time gathering secondary resources (the resources which are obtained by chopping the trees)
  2. You can still gather these secondary resources by unlocking/upgrading the corresponding talent in gathering ability screen
  3. And, you will struggle for the profession exclusive product Broadleaf(BTW, you don’t need this item in the early game as well as in mid-game)

In short, you can gather these resources easily and “fast” –

  1. Twig
  2. Hardwood Vine
  3. Resin
  4. Wood Core
  5. Little Branch
  6. Old Cypress
  7. Cypress Leaf
  8. Cracked Tough Hide
  9. Tree Oil
  10. Boxwood
  11. Broadleaf

LifeAfter Miner Cert –

  • Allows you to gather the resources from an enriched vein(profession exclusive tin ore, aluminum ore, and copper ore)
  • Increases quarrying speed
  • Increases critical hit chances while quarrying
  • It offers silicon(profession exclusive item)

You need tin ore, aluminum ore, sulfur, kyanite more often after you get in snow highlands. All these resources are obtained by quarrying. If you choose the miner cert, it will benefit you in the long run.

What if you don’t choose the Miner cert?

  • You will not be able to gather resources from the enriched vein rocks
  • You can still obtain these secondary resources if you don’t choose this cert
  • It helps you in gathering the secondary resources fast(the resources which are obtained by quarrying)
  • You will struggle in getting the profession exclusive item Silicon

In short, you can gather these resources easily and “fast” –

  • Iron Ore
  • Flint
  • Tin Ore
  • Sulfur
  • Aluminum Ore
  • Kyanite
  • Malachite
  • Copper Ore
  • Silicon
  • Galena

LifeAfter – Hemp Picker Cert

  • It allows you to gather resources from profession exclusive hemp such as mutant hemp, enriched vein hemp
  • Increases gathering speed
  • Improves hemp’s secondary resources drop rate
  • Increases critical hit chances while gathering hemp
  • Offers profession exclusive item Jute Stem

Hemp materials are needed to make armors. If you choose this cert, it will be easy for you to craft armors.

If you don’t choose this cert, you can still gather the secondary resources which are obtained from the hemp. But it will take more time as compared to the stage when you have this cert.

LifeAfter Firearms Maker

  • Lets you craft Molotov
  • Weapons last long because it reduces sturdiness loss
  • Get extra loot when making weapon items
  • Unlocks UMP9 skin
  • Unlocks steel pipe formula
  • Increases ammo

What if you don’t choose this cert?

  • You will struggle to craft Molotov, Steel Pipe
  • You will not get any buff listed above

LifeAfter Armorer Cert

  • Lets you make backpacks
  • Armor last long because it reduces sturdiness loss
  • You may get an extra item while making armor items
  • Unlocks Punk Jacket formula
  • Unlocks leather formula
  • And, unlocks expansion material formula

If you don’t choose this cert, you will struggle in making level 4 backpack, punk jacket, leather.

LifeAfter Furniture Maker Cert –

  • Unlocks advanced gathering formula
  • Unlocks land mine formula
  • Get extra item while crafting bricks, cement, and wooden boards
  • Unlocks Minimalist lamp formula
  • Increases chances of getting a new dollar from the chests that you get in the wilderness

Advanced Gathering – You can use this item to fertilize various crops. It’s like the common fertilizer. If you don’t choose this cert, you will not face any annoying problem.

LifeAfter Rifleman Cert –

Well, unlike other certs, Rifleman does not offer any extra formula. But it provides you many combat buff like the increase in damage, battlefield recovery, debuff on enemies, and more. When we discuss the LifeAfter Best Cert, we can’t exclude this cert out of the top tier list as it will help you in the combat. For example; As you progress a bit, you will get quests like killing high-level mercenaries, opening chests in fully guarded mercenary camp, killing zombies, and more. The Rifleman cert will help you a lot in these quests or PvP battles, high-difficulty stronghold battles.

LifeAfter Sniper Cert

This cert only benefits the players who are using sniper as the main weapon. It would not help you in the early game as well as in mid-game or until you get a sniper. So we would not recommend you to go for it.

LifeAfter Warrior Cert

Warrior cert helps you in the combat; it reduces the DMG taken, provides extra slots to keep the item after killing an enemy player, buffs like energy efficient, +HP regeneration, reduces injury time.

LifeAfter Best Cert

Now the question is what’s the best cert in LifeAfter game? In our recommendation, Rifleman or anyone of the gathering certs or Gun Maker would be the best choice. We would rate the Rifleman as the best if we have to make one choice. The reason is it increases the damage and helps you in combat. And, the combat is one of the main aspects of the game. You play Miska, Nancy City, Stronghold battles daily. In all these modes, you can achieve the first DPS rank. Additionally, as you progress, the game will give you high-difficulty combat quests like killing mercenaries, high-level zombies etc. The two best gathering certs would be logger and miner. We added Gun Maker in the top best certs list because of steel, sturdiness loss reduction, and UMP9 skin.

You have to make the choice wisely as the LifeAfter game does not let you change the certs with gold bars or other in-game currency. You need Fed Credits, the premium in-game currency. And, you get it through real money top-ups. Share your own views in the comment below 🙂

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14 thoughts on “LifeAfter Best Cert – Gathering, Weapons Or Other?”

  1. It depends in which server you get into. Like mine, LevinCity; you can earn more GoldBars in becoming a Hemp Picker rather than becoming a Gunmaker (which is my current Profession btw). You have to upgrade skill levels (it would cost tons of GB and Skills just for 1 level, what more if the required level is 4). You also have to upgrade into 5stars (which ever gun you were gonna sell) because in this game, who ever gets the most rewards would be the strongest players and it includes P2W’s too.

  2. For high damage = Rifleman, and if you want to earn gold then go for Gun maker, logger and miner and hemp picker. But I will strongly prefer gun maker because in this cert. You don’t have to farm items for making steel pipe .Just buy and craft steel pipe and sell. And earn minimum 20k gold everyday excluding gold earned from daily tasks.

  3. I prefer logger and miner if you want to be rich. In later game gubmaker rifleman and others will rely on these professions like logger miner and hemppicker. So better choose a gathering profession. If you want to be in pvp farstar rank or combat etc choose rifleman then.

    • I didn’t know about all that and choosen snipper as my cert. I am on manor 6 and having lots of difficulties to make ump9 or armor. Please tell how i can change it to miner without spending real money

      • If you don’t want to use feds for changing professions, You can wait for the major update. It will more of premium tickets like reset profession, face lift, wtc

  4. I wish this post was a thing when the game first came out and i chose armorer. I took that L, no one even buys the backpacks you can make

    • @Nate Yeah, you are right. Most of the players buy the raw material instead of the readymade item. And, the players who are in camp can easily create the backpack. You can try selling the raw material required to craft backpack.