Hero Hunters Overview, Guide, Tips & Cheats

hero hunters guide tips cheats Hothead Games’ new shooting game “Hero Hunters” has just released on mobile devices; Android, iOS. Here’s all you need to know about this third-person shooter game; overview, guide, tips & cheats for Hero Hunters game

Hero Hunters by Hothead Games has been released on Android and iOS, the game features plenty of modes; campaign, PvP, gauntlet, co-op raids, and much more which keeps the player busy. Addition to this, it features many heroes, each hero has own unique skill, used to slay down enemies in the battles. Let’s take a look at all the things of Hero Hunters game.

Get Started – Hero Hunters

hero hunters guide tips cheats Genre; Online, Action. Size – 93MB, spend more data in downloading additional files; as you progress

The game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; dodging, shooting, using skills, switching players, and more. Once it ends, you start the game by playing campaign mode levels. Campaign mode is the key to unlock locked modes & features; Events, Gauntlet, Daily Raids, PvP, and Co-Op Raids. The player has to complete the levels in campaign mode to access all the features.

Campaign mode is divided into two categories; normal and hard. Getting victory in normal levels is an easy task, but to get the victory in hard levels, you need to know some tips before you lose your stamina.

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Hero Hunters Gameplay[Watch On Facebook – Here]

hero hunters guide tips cheats The gameplay is too addictive, you start and you don’t want to stop playing. But…gameplay is not unlimited! To play campaign mode continuously, you need stamina, without it, the player is bound to play the campaign mode. Each time you play, you lose stamina.

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Game Currency In Hero Hunters Game

Bucks, Gold, Stamina, and PVP Gems are the valuable resource in this game. Bucks used in the upgrading of skills, Gold used in exchanging, opening of crates, Stamina used to play levels, and PVP Gems used to redeem rewards from the PVP store.


hero hunters guide tips cheats Heron Hunters game features many heroes, most of them are locked, fragments are required to unlock these heroes.

  • Power – To increase the power of a hero, you have to increase the level of hero, equip them gears, upgrade their skills, and promote them.
  • To increase the level of heroes, you need XPs. You can collect XPs by getting victories in Campaign and PVP modes.
  • The 2nd method to increase the power of heroes in Hero Hunters is that find gears. Just head to heroes section, tap on an empty slot, and from there you can get information about where to find gears. Usually, there are two choices; play levels again or open crates. If you have unlocked black market, then you can get these gears in exchange for gold.
  • Heroe level cannot exceed the team level.
  • To unlock new heroes, open crates. These crates can be found in the shop section. You need a decent amount of gold to open crates. You can either wait to open them for free or spend gold if you are in hurry.

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The better combination

hero hunters guide tips cheats Go and play with heroes who have more power. You can choose up to 5 heroes for a fight, choose the best heroes according to their skills & power instead of choosing according to levels. In PVP, the team having more power wins the match.

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Hero Hunters Battle/Fight Tips & Guide

  1. The very first step is to choose the best combination of heroes for the fight.
  2. You can choose only one hero out of five, choose that with whom you are comfortable and you know more about him/her.
  3. Use Skills of the hero at the right time. Each hero has a unique skill, using at the right time makes more damage.
  4. Firing randomly on a targeted enemy increases the speed of activating the skill. Aim, fire, use the skill. BANG!
  5. Use Auto-Battle mode if you think you are having trouble defeating the enemies.
  6. Improve your stats first, without improving, you can not even win two rounds at hard level.

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Quick Tips & Cheats for Hero Hunters

  • How to win every fight in Hero Hunters game?

Without improving your hero’s stats, you can not get victories, you will lose even you choose the right strategy. All the things to win the fight depends on the power of your hero. As mentioned above, to increase the power, you need to level-up heroes, level up teams, upgrade their skills, find gears, equip gears, promote heroes.

  1. Play levels again and again to find gears for heroes, to earn team XPs, and for bucks.
  2. The more you win, the more you get team XP, team level-up means the improvement of stats and you will be able to upgrade each hero.
  3. Go to heroes section, tap on a hero, tap on the recommendation section and there you see what you have to do next to increase the power of your hero.

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  • Free Rewards in Hero Hunters

Don’t lose even a single reward. Gold is most valuable, you can get everything in exchange for gold. To earn free gold, watch an ad after completing a level.

  1. Go to quests section, and claim your reward. There is also an achievement section, go there and claim your reward. Scroll down to bottom under quest section of Hero Hunters game and watch video for gold.
  2. Head to shop section, then crates, at last, there should be a free silver crate, open it.
  3. To earn free bucks quickly, head to Gauntlet section and complete three fights.
  • Keep Leveling Up – Keep Playing again and again
  1. Earn XPs by playing levels again and again
  2. This will increase your team level and you get rewards too
  3. Spend bucks to improve stats of your heroes

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Closing Words On Hero Hunters Game

Hero Hunters is a great shooting game for Android, it has good gameplay, I was expecting good graphics but graphics are not so excellent(not yet). If you love shooting games, you should give it a try. Download Hero Hunters for Android – here(Google Play Store).

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