Hooked Inc Christmas Event – Christmas Buoy, Hammoth, And More

Christmas Event 2019 is now live in Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon. Let’s take a look at the challenges and the rewards that you can earn during this event

First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone! The latest Christmas Event update has just been released by Lion Studios on iOS App Store and Google Play Store. In this event, there are lots of challenges that you can complete to collect rewards. For example – catch Hammoth to get 200 gems for free. Also, you can get a treasure chest that contains holiday bauble, item box, and Gemster winter edition. In addition to all this, some paid offers are on sale that gives unique crews like Gwinch, items like Legendary Blueprint. Let’s learn everything in detail – Hooked Inc Christmas Event 2019!Hooked Inc Christmas Event 2019

Holiday Baubles

Holiday Bauble is a special item that the game gives you for free. You can use it to attract rare fish like Tinselfish, Hammoth, and other sea creatures. At the beginning of the event, you have four Holiday Baubles and you can get more by watching the video ads or completing the Christmas challenges. On your screen, above the upgrade button, tap the Holiday Bauble item box to use it.Hooked Inc Christmas Event 2019


Using the Holiday Baubles, you can attract Hammoth fish. Use the Christmas Buoy to inflict damage to Hammoth. The Hammoth retains damage done to him on each counter – so you can easily catch him during the event. Try to inflict as much damage as you can in each encounter. You will get 200 gems by completing this Christmas challenge.Hooked Inc Christmas Event 2019

Christmas Buoy

You get a free Christmas Buoy that helps you catch the fish. It looks like the Christmas Tree – you can drag and drop anywhere on your screen. Also, you can upgrade Christmas Buoy using the Idle Cash – to inflict more damage on the Hammoth. Tap the Christmas Buoy on your screen -> tap the upgrade button -> regular -> there you can upgrade it. Some premium upgrades can be activated using gems – its tier and premium upgrades will be converted to a special prize at the end of Christmas.

Christmas Challenges

On the top-right side of the game screen, tap the button with Santa avatar -> go to the challenges tab -> complete these challenges for rewards. These rewards include Christmas Trees(makes the Buoy bigger), gems, yellow color tickets(Reduce the treasure chest cost), Holiday Baubles.

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