Hooked Inc Thanksgiving Event 2019: Hidden Items

Lion Studios has started a new event called Thanksgiving in the Hooked Inc game. Here’s everything you need to know about the Hooked Inc Thanksgiving Event 2019

Each day during the event, a new hidden item appears somewhere in the game. The player needs to collect them all to complete the Thanksgiving feast. Let’s find them all – Hooked Inc Thanksgiving Event 2019 challenges: –

1.) CasseroleHooked Inc Thanksgiving Event

The casserole is one of the hidden items on the table. And, you can find it in the shop section of the game. Head to the shop -> scroll down below and tap on the left side of the recruit crew label.

2.) CandelabraHooked Inc Thanksgiving Event

Candelabra is the second hidden item that you can find in the perk menu. In the upper-left corner of the game, tap the perk level crown -> scroll down to the bottom. Tap on the left side of the coffee symbol/perfect planner perk.

3.) Wine BottleHooked Inc Thanksgiving Event

Wine Bottle is the third hidden item. You have to go to the map(tap the compass button in the bottom-left corner) -> scroll up to the top -> there you will find the wine bottle hidden behind the mountain as shown in the picture above.

4.) Bread

The 4th hidden item is the bread. And, the hint is a fisherman. To collect it, tap the compass button in the bottom-left corner -> tap “collect fishing exp” button -> on the next screen, you will see the fisherman -> tap over him and get the bread.

5.) Gravy

The 5th hidden item is Gravy. Tap the compass button in the bottom-left corner of the game. Then tap the fishing book -> scroll down to the bottom in the common tab and you will find the Gravy. Tap to collect.

6.) Pumpkin Pie

The 6th hidden item is Pie. Head to the store & offers tab(right side menu) and scroll down to the item boxes section. At the bottom of the middlebox or at the top of the “Gems” Section Label, tap the sparkling area and collect the Pie.

7.) Turkey Meat

The 7th hidden item is Turkey Meat. Go to the Crew Upgrade menu and scroll down to the bottom. (At the bottom-center of the game screen, tap the upgrade button and head to the second tab; Crew. Scroll down the bottom in this tab and collect Turkey Dish after revealing the hint at day 7).

So far these are the two items that we have discovered. The game gives you a new hint every day for a new item. Hints – Day 1; CREW. Day 2; COFFEE CUP. Day 3 – Wine Bottle. Day 4 – Bread. Day 5 – Gravy. Day 6 – Gems.

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Hooked Inc Thanksgiving Event Details: –Hooked Inc Thanksgiving Event

In this event, the game challenges you to find all the hidden items on the table and complete the thanksgiving feast. During the event, each day, you get one hint that hints you the location of the hidden item. Hint – tap the event icon on the right side of the game screen -> go to the challenge tab -> there you can watch the video ad and spend the gems to reveal the hint. Well, you don’t need to do this because we will reveal the exact location of each hidden item here.

Offers – the event comes with a big reward basket that you can buy in exchnage for gems or real money. Each item found reduces the cost of the big basket reward by 100 gems. It contains 250 gems, one item box, and two Aladdin lamps.

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43 thoughts on “Hooked Inc Thanksgiving Event 2019: Hidden Items”

  1. What a dud… we come back every day and collect the stuff just for us to have to buy the grand prize?? That’s stupid and a waste of time and gems… so not happy

  2. I collected every item on the table and it said 300 gems but when I tapped the basket it said needs 700 gems more. I’ve tried collecting fishing experience and them tapping it but whatever I do I can’t seem to collect it.

  3. I had the same issue. Collected without real money about 1200 gems. I found all items and took the package for 300. Now I have 250 gems:(.

  4. Found all the items, and bought the thanksgiving package for 300 gems, but it’s gone and removed 1000 gems from me! Has this happened to anyone else?

    • @Bob There was an update that fixed this bug on Android. But on iOS, the bug is still there. So if you are on Android, try updating the app and try again.

  5. Anyone else having issues claiming the prize? I have 484 gems and it costs 300, it’s telling me I don’t have enough and taking me to screen to buy more

  6. So you have to find all the objects so you can BUY the prize with gems???? I don’t have any gems and not going to buy them. Time wasted. ☹

  7. Same, even though it says it should be 300 gems and I have over 700, it won’t allow be to purchase it. Says I need 300 more gems.

  8. I spent the 300 gems for the grand prize but it actually took 600 gems from me. And I did not get the 250 gems. But I got the two gravy boats. This is bull.

  9. Eventhough i have completed all the hints its says cost is 300 gems but it says i dont have enough to purchase the pack eventhough i have over 800 gems, super glitchy

  10. This event has been a total bust. My hint is still on Crew.. has never changed. I have closed out the game & restarted my phone no change. The only item to ever show up has been the wine….

    • Where your fishing experience is, theres a book with a star. Click it, theres a common fish section, scroll down to the bottom and it’s there

  11. I have been playing the game. Watched and paid the price for the crew hint and followed directions above and NOTHING. Today is day two and NOTHING. I have also been playing for over thirty days straight and I have been gathering experience but the experience level stays a t 62%. Never moves. Have been 62% from the beginning. Getting frustrated with this game. How does this get fixed?

    • Just give it some time. The items are where they are described in this article. You have to wait about 30 to 60 seconds for them to pop up though. And then you have to click on them a couple times for a day actually bring the feast table up. Don’t give up!! The game gets better!!

  12. The third item is a wine bottle and the hint ends up being a blue triangle on a yellow background— I realized this was the very last “deep water” area at the end of the map. Just click the mountain a few times!

  13. I had same issue, just leave the game open or play until the box pops up on its own with the clue page saying “crew” then it will be there.

    • @Dries If it’s not showing; try these two things: –
      1.) Collect the fishing XP and return to the shallow cost. Play for a few minutes(rewatch the video ad for the hint) and then try tapping those locations again
      2.) Link the game to FB(shop – scroll down to the bottom – connect to Facebook) or if you are on Android, connect to Google Play Games. Tap the gear icon in the top-right – Google Play Sign In. Once linked, delete the game from your phone and reinstall from Play Store or iOS App Store. Play for a few minutes(rewatch the video ad for the hint) and try tapping that location again. You will see sparkling stars there
      Hope this helps.


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