How To Become A Famous Author/Writer In BitLife?

Wondering How To Become A Famous Author In BitLife? In this BitLife – Life Simulator walkthrough guide, you will learn how to become a Writer or Famous Author

BitLife - Life Simulator Writer

How To Become A Famous Author In BitLife?

In BitLife, to become a famous author, all you need is to graduate from senior secondary school(high school) and then apply for the Writer(Publisher). Pass the interview and keep working as a Writer for consecutive 20 years to get the Writer Career Achievement. During this journey, you will earn fame and you might get the famous ribbon(become a famous author) if you achieve this goal. This is the summary of this post. Let’s learn everything in detail – BitLife – Life Simulator – How to become a Writer?

Stats Requirement⇓

Over 85% of smart stats would be good if you want to become a Writer. Other than this attribute, happiness should be average(you should not be too sad – because depression could be a big problem), looks don’t matter. And, after working for years in this field, you will start earning fame – the fame bar appears when you have spent a few years in this career field. So we would recommend starting with a character who is smart and happy. To maintain these stats, you can study in the library, hit the gym, and do other activities like watching the movie, meditation, etc.

Education Qualification To Become A Writer In BitLife⇓

You must be graduated from high school(senior secondary school) to get approved for the Writer job. That’s the only requirement. Although, you can seek higher education in community college, university, or in other institutes like Law School, Medical School, and more.BitLife - Life Simulator Writer

Apply For The Writer Job⇓

Once you are graduated from high school, it’s time for you to apply for the Writer job. Go to the Job section of the game -> jobs -> find Writer(Publisher) -> apply for the position -> pass the interview -> keep working there for consecutive 20 years. What if there is no Writer job available? Then you need to shuffle the jobs listed there. How do you shuffle the jobs? Restarting the app will do the work. Close the game and open it again – you will see the change in listings. Keep doing this until you see the Writer job.

Can You Get The Famous Ribbon By Working As A Writer And Become A Famous Author?

Yes! Working as a Writer can help you become a Famous Author. All you need to do is keep publishing/working as a writer for a set period of time and then you will start gaining fame and as you continue further, the game will promote you to “famous author” rank. 

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So this would be all in this BitLife walkthrough guide to become a Writer and get famous. How To Become A Famous Author In BitLife

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