Dash Quest Heroes Overview, Guide, Tips

Dash Quest Heroes is a new endless runner RPG for AndroidDescription – Tiny Titan Studios has just released Dash Quest Heroes, the sequel to the Dash Quest for Android on Google Play Store. Here’s what you need to know about Dash Quest Heroes – overview, tips and guide

Dash Quest Heroes is a new endless runner RPG for Android released by Tiny Titan Studios. In this game, Your role is a hero who fights against stupid goblins to rescue innocent villagers.

Your goal is to kill the queen, but it is not easy because of those goblins. They are in huge numbers and you are alone. What you need is to upgrade your armor, weapons, and skills to complete the goal.

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Dash Quest Heroes requires the internet connection in order to get access to all features of the game. You start Dash Quest Heroes by creating a new hero. After it, you will get some weapons from the villagers which can be used to slay down goblins.Dash Quest Heroes is a new endless runner RPG for Android

Your hero will run automatically, attack and navigation controls are in your hand. You just tap to attack and swipe to change direction.

Gameplay – In Dash Quest Heroes, few things matter like health, weapon, skill, and upgrade process. It has three gameplay modes – Adventure, Mini-Games, And Dungeon.

You can unlock mini-games and dungeon by completing adventure mode’s levels.

Health Tips

The health of the hero is limited, but to continue to survive, run for a long time health is required. You can restore the health of hero with apples while playing the game. You can get apples from trees. Get Patch to heal your hero.

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Weapons/Ability Tips

You will get weapons from villagers as well as by slaying down goblins. You may get upgraded sword or weapon. Upgrade your weapons like slash, boomerang with coins to kill goblins. More than 40 unique magical abilities can be gathered.

Skills – Tips

Dash Quest Heroes is a new endless runner RPG for AndroidSkills make you stronger, Level up and get skills. Like increase HP, DEX, INT, DEF, ATK Etc.


You will face 47 types of monsters having some special skills in Dash Quest Heroes game.

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Dash Quest Heroes is a new endless runner RPG for AndroidThere is a home section where are some shops for buying and selling items. You can get upgraded weapon from there with coins or gems. You can also do fishing in this game. However, fishing is not so easy.

You can buy the tasty treat from shop to attract fish or sell the collected fish there for coins. Is it trading?

Dash Quest Heroes Tips: –

⇒ Don’t spend coins on shopping of items. Use coins in the upgrading of weapons.

⇒Try to get apples because apples can restore health.

⇒ Sell useless items like low-level swords to get some coins.

⇒ Be aware of the beehive. If you by mistake breakdown then bees will attack you and you will lose your health.

⇒ Use boomerang and slash to keep your enemies away. Double tap to protect yourself from enemies’ attacks.

⇒ Purchase additional weapons fro boomerang like wax, fire arrows, poison arrows etc.

⇒ Don’t sell rare accessories.

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Final words on Dash Quest Heroes –

Dash Quest Heroes is a great endless runner RPG, if you love 18-bit classic games then you should play it because it is very addictive, challenging, and awesome. Download – Here[Google Play Store].

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