Hooked Inc Items Guide – Item Boxes, Perks, Leveling, Etc.

Wondering how items in Hooked Inc can help you catch rare and epic fish? Let’s have a look at this Hooked Inc Items Guide – Item Boxes, perks, and much more

In this post, you will get to know about the items featured in Hooked Inc – Fisher Tycoon game. There are lots of items a player can use to catch better, rare, huge, rare, and epic fish. Each item gives you a small perk – increasing critical hit chances, fish value, fish size, etc. Also, the player can level up these items to increase the perk significance. If you are having trouble understanding this aspect of the game, then today’s Hooked Inc Items guide will help you! So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content!

Hooked Inc Items List: –

  • Christmas Bob
  • Swift Line Pro
  • Lucky Hat
  • Winstons Rod
  • Magic Worms
  • Bamboo Stick
  • Lucky Spinner
  • Pirate’s Monocular
  • PinkPopper
  • Dragon Shark Tooth
  • Limitless Coupons
  • Crab Master 2000
  • Bow & Arrow
  • Drill Master III
  • American Flag
  • Greengill Lucker
  • Golden Egg Bobber
  • Magic Egg Bobber
  • Gemster Winter Edition
  • Sharpoon
  • Boom Box
  • Thunder Pro
  • Crankster XL
  • Venom Lure DX
  • Gold Reel

We have shared each item’s details below. But before you check it, let’s learn how to obtain Hooked Inc Items.

Hooked Inc Fisher Tycoon Items Grinding

Hooked Inc ItemsThere are two ways to obtain all these items – grab the boxes or buy the boxes. In the first method, you have to keep an eye on the game screen – if you are lucky, an item box might appear on your screen. Tap it and watch the video ad for the reward. Usually, you get idle cash or green gems from these boxes – but if you are lucky, you might get an item box.

Another way to obtain these items is by buying the item boxes from the shop. Head to the shop and under the item boxes section, there would be three item boxes: –Hooked Inc Items

  • Common Item Box(Green)
  • Rare Item Box(Orange)
  • Legendary Item Box(Magenta)

The common item box costs (50) gems, rare item box costs (350) gems, and legendary item box costs (1050) gems.

From the common item box, you get: –

  • 8 Items – (1-4 rare), (0-1 Epic)
  • Rare Chances – 15%
  • Epic Chances – 3%

From the rare item box, you get: –

  • 24 Items – (5-10 rare), (0-1 Epic)
  • Rare Chances – 17%
  • Epic Chances – 5%

From the legendary item box, you get: –

  • 24 Items – (16-20 rare), (1-4 Epic)
  • Rare Chances – 20%
  • Epic Chances – 20%

Items Effect: –

Christmas Bob

  • Increases Fish Value
  • Get more earnings during winter

Swift Line Pro

  • Catch fish fast


  • Increases offline income

Bird Catcher

  • Catches Birds flying over the sea
  • Increases value from birds(more Idle cash reward by catching birds)

Double Lines

  • Increases fish value

Bamboo Stick

  • Increases fish value

Magic Worms

  • Increases fish size for Idle fishing

Winstons Rod

  • Gain more fishing experience

Lucky Spinner

  • Increases chances to get critical fish value

Big bass Cranker

  • Increases critical fish value

Lucky Hat

  • Get more chances of getting better fish
  • Increase chances for critical epic and shark damage
  • Increases chances for critical fish value

Limitless Coupons

  • Reduces the boat upgrades cost

Crab Master 2000Hooked Inc Items

  • Checks for a catch every 3 minutes
  • Decreases the time for crab checks
  • Increases the crab value

Pirate’s Monocular

  • Get more packages(boxes – cash)
  • Increases the value of packages
  • Get more lobsters, crabs, seagulls

Dragon Shark Tooth

  • Increases chances for critical damage on epic and shark fish
  • Critical epic and shark damage


  • Spawns Pinky(Rare Fish)
  • Reduces the time for the spawn

Bow & Arrow

  • Spawns Heart Fish(Rare Fish)
  • Increases critical fish value
  • Critical epic and shark damage

American Flag

  • Increases chances for stripegill bass from fireworks

Greengill Lucker

  • Spawns better fish
  • Lure in more fish when swiping

Golden Egg Bobber

  • Increases Gold Fish value
  • Increases maximum school multiplier

Drill Master III

  • Spawns Snowflaky(Rare Fish)
  • Increases earnings during winter

Crankster XL

  • Spawns shiny tiger every few seconds
  • Bonus value boost upon catching a shiny tiger

Thunder Whip Pro

  • Increases chances to get critical fish value
  • Get more critical fish value

Gold Reel

  • Increases fish value on swiping

Venom Lure DX

  • Get more critical fish value
  • Critical epic and shark damage

Boom Box

  • This item provides a constant supply of fireworks every hour
  • Increases the max cap of the boom box

Magic Egg Bobber

  • Increases highest wheel multiplier chance
  • Increases highest wheel multiplier

Gemster Winter Edition

  • Gain more fishing experience
  • Increases the chances to get critical fish value
  • Increases the chances for better fish

Using The Hooked Inc Items

The game allows you to equip four items at a time. You can equip an item once it reaches the level 1 – get the duplicate copies of the item from the item boxes. Also, you can swap the items anytime. So we would recommend you using the right type of items at the right time – for example – while catching epic or shark fish, equip the items which increase critical damage. For more cash, equip the items which increase the fish value, earnings. To gain more experience, equip the items which give you more fishing experience.

In short, read the item details and use them at the right time – based on what you are trying to accomplish. Also, see –

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