Tales of Radiance Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies For Beginners

Tales of RadianceTales of Radiance is a brand new Idle RPG for Android and iOS by R2Games. Let’s have a look at our Tales of Radiance guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Reality Squared Games, also known as R2Games, the publisher of the top-class mobile game such as The Royal Affairs, My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure, has just published a brand new Idle RPG Tales of Radiance on iOS app store and Google Play Store. If you have played games like AFK Arena, Idle Heroes, you will find it similar to these games. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content – Tales of Radiance guide and Tales of Radiance tips, cheats & strategies for beginners.

Tales of Radiance Guide

Tales of RadianceThe Combat Guide

You will start the game from the adventure mode – where the heroes fight the foes and grind loot. To increase the loot rewards, you should focus on completing the chapters – In each chapter, you fight the boss. At the top-right corner, there is a mini-map. Tap it to check the current stage. Defeat the boss, reach the next stage, and get better loot while AFK.Tales of Radiance Team Set Up

To fight the enemies and defeat them in the battle – you deploy the heroes. In the battle screen, at the bottom-center, tap the boss button to deploy the heroes; there are three positions where you can deploy a hero – rear, mid, and front.

Double-tap the hero to remove or add him/her in the team.

  • Front – In the front line, deploy the tank class heroes
  • Mid – In the midline, deploy the fighters/mages
  • Rear – And, at last, In the backline, deploy the support class/DPS heroes

To check the hero’s class, go to the Heroes tab -> tap on a hero -> there you can see his/her class; tank, mage, fighter, support.

Tales of Radiance Class Guide

  • Tank – The heroes belong to this class have good HP, defense stats. Also, they have impressive skills which help in protecting the allies and soaking lots of damage. Best position – Front. Because these heroes are good at soaking damage
  • Fighters – Damage Dealers. The heroes belong to this class are good at dealing damage to the enemies. But their HP or DEF stats are not good as the heroes who belong to the tank class. Best position – Mid/Rear.
  • Mage – Damage Dealers. The heroes belong to this class have amazing skills which help them crush enemies in no time. Pros – Amazing Skills, Decent DPS. Cons – Not good at soaking damage – so place these type of heroes in the rear line – behind tank class heroes.

The Battle Rewards System

From the Idle fights or the boss battle, you can loot a lot of stuff that you can use in building up a strong army of the best heroes. If you want more rewards per minute, you should focus on progressing through the chapters – defeating the boss. When you are AFK or Idle, the heroes fight the enemies and you get rewards in the chest.

You need to collect the rewards from time to time – tap the treasure or loot scattered near the chest on the battle screen. What are the rewards that you earn from these Idle battles?

Tap the info button in the loot bar to check all the rewards list.

  • Gems – Premium currency in Tales of Radiance game
  • EXP – To increase player level
  • Hero EXP – To level up a hero
  • Voyage Clue – Use it to gain Voyage orders
  • Enhancestone – When you rank-up a hero, you need these stones in huge numbers
  • Heroes Shards – Craft or fuse or merge these shards to get a hero
  • Runes – Grants stats bonus to the hero(Reach hero level 100 to equip)
  • Gears – Weapon, armor, boots, accessory

Tales of Radiance Heroes Guide

We have already explained the heroes’ classes in the class guide. Let’s learn about the elements, synergy, how to make heroes stronger, etc.Heores Elements In Tales of Radiance

Elements: –

  1. Water
  2. Wind
  3. Fire
  4. Light
  5. Dark

With the help of element system buff, the team members can get +25% DMG and +20% ACC bonus. All the heroes, as well as the enemies, belong to one of these five elements. A certain element is stronger and weaker against a specific type element – it’s like the rock-paper-scissors relationship. Here’s the elemental system chart: –

  • Water-Water element is strong against Fire element but weak against Wind element
  • Fire-Fire element is strong against Wind element but weak against Water element
  • Wind-Wind element is strong against Water element but weak against Fire element
  • Light & Dark – Light & Dark element share an equal level of bonus against each other

Example – Suppose, the enemy’s element is Fire. Now, as per given chart, the Water element is strong against the Fire element. And, if you have a hero who belongs to Water element – he will deal +25% DMG with +20% ACC in the battle – but only to the enemy who belongs to the Fire element.

Synergy Bonus In Tale of Radiance

If you deploy a certain number of heroes based on the Synergy requirement, the team members will get an additional stat boost!

  • Five water element heroes in the team – (+20% HP, +15% ATK)
  • Five fire element heroes in the team – (+20% HP, +15% ATK)
  • Five wind element heroes in the team – (+20% HP, +15% ATK)
  • Five light element heroes in the team – (+20% HP, +30% ATK)
  • Five dark element heroes in the team – (+20% HP, +20% ATK)
  • All five element heroes in the team – (+15% HP, +10% ATK)
  • Four Water/Fire/Wind element heroes with one Dark/Light/Dark – (+18% HP, +12% ATK)
  • Three Water/Wind/Fire element heroes with two Wind/Fire/Water – (+16% HP, +11% ATK)
  • Three Light/Dark element heroes with two Dark/Light – (+25% HP, +10% CC RES)

How To Make Tales of Radiance Heroes Stronger: –

  • Equip better gears
  • Level them up
  • Promote them up
  • Rank them up

Better Gears: –

  • Grind gears in the battles
  • Visit blacksmith in the home town and upgrade the gears there

⇒Improves the heroes’ stats – HP, DEF, ATK.

Level Them Up: –

  • Grind Hero EXP from the battles
  • Grind Gold coins from the battles
  • Head to the Heroes tab
  • Select a hero
  • Hit the level up button

⇒Improves the heroes’ stats – HP, DEF, ATK, SPD.

Promote Them Up: –

  • You need hero shards to promote a hero

⇒Improves the heroes’ level cap and the stats.

Rank Them Up: –

  • Reach the max level of a hero to rank up
  • You need enhancement stones to rank up a hero

⇒Increases the level cap and all the attributes of the hero. Also, unlocks the skill.

Tales of Radiance Home Town Guide: –

  • Library – Here you can check the complete list of heroes
  • Shop – Item Shop, Hero Shop, Points Shop, Skill Shop
  • Item Shop – Use gems for valuable items such as Seer Essence, summon scroll, shards
  • Hero Shop – Sacrifice the heroes in Ritual Chamber to earn divinity points. Spend divinity points in the hero shop for hero shards
  • Elf Merchant – Spend gems for valuable items
  • Arena – Fight other players for arena points and rankings
  • The Babel – Go floor by floor – kill the enemies and earn rewards
  • Ritual Chamber – Sacrifice heroes for divinity coins
  • Blacksmith – Forge gears & runes

Points Shop: –

  • Odyssey – Use Odyssey badge for items
  • Arena – Spend Arena points for shards, essence, Seer Stone, etc.
  • Guild – Join a guild and spend guild currency in this shop
  • Lucky Loot – Spend treasure points (earn treasure points by using the lucky ticket)
  • Elite – Use Honor Crest for hero shards

Skill Shop: –

  • Spend gems or Rune essence for Glyphs –
  1. Challenge Glyph – (CC)
  2. Rising Glyph – (+ATK)
  3. CC RES Glyph – (+CC RES)
  4. DMG RES Glyph – (+DMG RES)
  5. ACC Glyph – (+CC, CRIT RATE)

Trials – Tales of Radiance

  • Daily Trials

⇒Gold, Hero EXP Potions, Hero Shards, Relic Stones

  • Endless Brawl

⇒Hero XP, Gold, Grand Summon Scroll, Rune Essence

  • Odyssey

⇒Gold, Odyssey Badges

  • Astral Throne

⇒Astral Emperor, Astral king, and Astral Lord(Titles).

Getting Heroes

  • Go to the Home Town and Summon the heroes using summon scrolls or friendship points
  • Gather shards by playing the game and craft (backpack -> shard -> craft – once you have enough number of shards, you can craft)

So this would be all in this Tales of Radiance guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our Tales of Radiance tips, cheats & strategies!

Tales of Radiance Tips, Cheats & Strategies

1.) Maintain The Strength

The boss stages get difficult as you progress – so you have to keep strengthing the hero. Like in most of the idle games, you have to focus on all kinds of upgrades and the boosters: –

  • Equip the better gears(craft in the home town/blacksmith)
  • Keep raising the hero’s strength – level up, rank, promote, rune
  • Get elemental advantage – check the enemy’s element and deploy a strong element hero against him/her
  • Get Synergy Bonus – check the Synergy formation above

2.) Hero Builds & Formation

In the battle screen, at the bottom-center, tap the power-up button and navigate to the builds tab. There you can check the best teams or best hero builds/formation.

  • Have 1 Tank in the front line to soak the damage
  • DPS(Mage/Fighters) in the backlines/midline to deal damage
  • Healers/Supporters in the backline to restore the HP of allies

We would recommend checking the heroes’ skill and stats detail – it’s better to know the heroes; their stats, skill, class, etc. to get the most out of them.

3.) Complete The TO-DO

One of the best ways to earn gems, lucky ticket, summon scroll in Tales of Radiance game is by completing the To-Do quests. In the battle screen, at the top-center -> To-Do icon -> there you can check the missions -> complete these missions to earn rewards.

4.) Equip The Relic

You can obtain the relic by completing all the relic quests. At the bottom-right corner, tap the relics option -> there you can check the progress and the missions that you need to complete for the relic. If you have a relic, tap the boss button and equip it – each relic grants massive buff.

5.) Join A Guild

Join an active guild and get access to the guild functions; guild donations(donate to earn guild contribution points), guild war, guild bosses, guild skills(spend guild points to buff fighters/mages/tank/supporters), guild shop, etc.

6.) Participate In All The Game Modes

Apart from the adventure mode, you should participate in the other game modes for more rewards; trails, The Bable, Arena, etc. From these modes, you can earn valuable items that you can invest in the heroes to make them stronger.

7.) Send Heroes On Voyage

From the battles, you get Voyage Clues, which you can spend to accept the orders. And, it is one of the best ways to obtain premium items. Go to the battle screen and tap Voyage option on the top-right -> accept -> select the heroes -> wait -> claim the rewards.

So these are the basic Tales of Radiance tips for the beginners. If you know more tips, cheats, strategies, comment below!

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    • Alchemy is where you get your free gold with 2 additional options to purchase gold. One for 20 gems and other for 50 gems. Alchemy is located at the top of screen next to your gold amount shown.