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Unable to build a room or facility in Hotel Empire Tycoon due to not enough power? Read on and check out this Hotel Empire Tycoon post on power consumptionHotel Empire Tycoon Power Consumption

Hotel Empire Tycoon – How To Increase Power Cap?

Rooms’ facilities, hotel services such as Spa, Disco, etc. need enough power/energy to run. When you start a new hotel in the Hotel Empire Tycoon, you have limited power supply which can only run a few rooms or facilities. And, when you consume all or low on power, you would not be able to build more rooms or other hotel facilities. For example – Scuba Diving Restaurant, Swimming Pool Spa, and many more similar facilities need enough power supply to run.

To increase the max power cap and get more energy so that you can max out all the upgrades, rooms, facilities in the hotel, you need to upgrade the electrical room. Electrical room features; power generator, batteries.

Tapping the electrical room in the hotel open the batteries tab where you can upgrade the power generator and batteries. In the other two tabs, which are rooms/services, you can check the electricity cost. In other words, these two tabs show the electricity chart. Here’s the info on all Electrical Rooms in Hotel Empire Tycoon.

The Codinental Hotel: –

The electrical room in this hotel is on the left corner of the hotel area.

  • Total Power at Max upgrade – 145
  • Electricity consumption in rooms – 94
  • Power consumption for other services – 45

The Stanely Resort: –

The electrical room in this hotel is in the right corner of the hotel building – behind Spa.

  • Total Power at Max upgrade – 389
  • Electricity consumption in rooms – 246
  • Power consumption for other services(Bar, Spa, Ski, Parking, Restaurant, Housekeeping, Front Desk) – 141

Blue Crystal Resort: –Hotel Empire Tycoon Power Consumption

The electrical room in Blue Crystal Resort is next to the parking area.

  • Total Power at Max upgrade – 600
  • Electricity consumption in rooms – 430
  • Power consumption for other services(F.D., Housekeeping, Restaurant, Beach Bar, Swimming Pool, Spa, Scuba Diving, Parking) – 162

Santa’s Shelter: –Hotel Empire Tycoon Power Consumption

The electrical room in Santa’s Shelter is behind the management office.

  • Total Power at Max upgrade – 420
  • Electricity consumption in rooms – 136
  • Power consumption for other services(Bar, Disco, Spa, Restaurant, Parking, F.D.) – 53

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