Hotel Empire Tycoon Gems – How To Get And Use?

The gem is the optional and premium currency in Hotel Empire Tycoon. Read on and check out this Hotel Empire Tycoon Gems info – how to get and use

Hotel Empire Tycoon Gems: –

The players can earn gems by completing the missions. In each hotel, you get a ton of missions that grant gems as a reward. And, players can use these gems to decorate the rooms with decor items. We call it optional because you can progress through the game without it. Although these decorative items do not affect the star ratings of the hotel – they can surely increase the profit by a little amount. So there is no significant importance of this currency in the Hotel Empire Tycoon.

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How To Get Gems:-Hotel Empire Tycoon Gems

There are two ways to get gems in Hotel Empire Tycoon; by completing specific missions or with real money. By completing specific missions – On the top-right side, tap the (i) symbol -> this will open the missions list -> some missions give Idle Cash, while some missions give gems. So keep completing missions, discover new ones, and grab gems for free.

How To Use Gems: –Hotel Empire Tycoon Gems

In each hotel, you build rooms – you can decorate all these rooms with decor items and improve earnings. Tap on any room -> these decor items are highlighted in golden color -> tap it -> spend the gems -> that’s it.

Again, if you don’t have gems, no need to worry because these decor items do not affect your hotel ratings and would not be a barrier in your progress.

How Many Gems You Can Earn By Completing The Missions?

Well, we have completed all the missions and earned around 500 gems. With this free amount, you would not able to buy all the decor items in all the hotels. Unlike Idle Cash, gems earned from a particular hotel’s missions can be transferred or used in other hotels.

So this would be all in this post on Hotel Empire Tycoon Gems. That would be all in this coverage. If you have more questions or need help or walkthrough, comment below!

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