How To Delete A Character In Black Desert Mobile?

Wondering how to delete a character in Black Desert Mobile? Read on and check out the step-by-step instruction on resetting the characterBlack Desert Mobile Delete Character

It’s easy to delete a character in Black Desert Mobile – but it takes long three days to finish the process. When you instruct the game to delete the selected character, a grace period will start during which you can undo this action. After this grace period, the character will be deleted. Let’s learn everything in detail on how to delete a character in BDM.

Steps To Delete A Character In Black Desert Mobile: –

  • Go to the lobby(character selection screen)
  • Select the character that you want to delete
  • Tap the delete character button
  • Confirm by tapping the confirm button
  • Wait until the grace period ends

So these are some easy to follow steps that you need to delete the character. As mentioned above, it takes three days to finish this process. And, after that, the character profile will be deleted – you can not restore it.

Why Delete A Character: –

There could be many reasons for deleting a character; since the game gives you three slots only – you can not try all the classes; the total number of classes in the global version is 5. It could be possible that you picked the wrong class and now you are out of character slots. In this case, this function helps the player to create a free empty character slot so that you can start over with a new character profile.

If you have just started playing the game, we would recommend checking this guide: –

It gives you brief info of all the classes and their skills. Also, recommends the best class based on the role; DPS – Melee, Range, etc. If you have any more questions, comment below.

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