Call Me Emperor – How To Use Energy Pill?

Wondering how to use the energy pill in Call Me Emperor game? Well, we have got you covered! Read on and find out Call Me Emperor Energy Pill infoCall Me Emperor Energy Pill

In one of the quests, the game asks you to use the energy pill. As per our information, it’s the 52nd quest(Energetic) in the game that gives you this task. And, when you tap the Go button, it takes you to the Harem where you can summon the consorts. This is where you can use the energy pill after consuming all the free attempts. Let’s learn everything in detail in this post on Call Me Emperor – How to use Energy Pill?

Call Me Emperor – How to use Energy Pill?Call Me Emperor Energy Pill

You can use the energy pill when you are out of energy. Energy Pill in Call Me Emperor game is required to recover the energy. For summoning or interacting with the consorts in the Harem, you need energy. The game has a max cap of 3 energy points, which means you get 3 energy points for free. And, you need to use them all before you use the energy pill. So tap the random summon button and consume all the points.

Go to the Harem -> navigate to the Consorts by tapping the consort button in the bottom-right corner -> random summon -> three times. That’s it. Now you are out of energy. After consuming all the three attempts, you will see the recover button. Tap it and confirm using the energy pill. One energy point is restored in half an hour. Call Me Emperor Energy Pill

What is Energy Pill?

Energy Pill is an item in the game that a player can use to recover the energy, which is required to meet the consort in Harem. The player can obtain this Energy Pill from the shop in exchnage for gold. The game allows you to buy up to three pills a day. Go to the main interface of the game -> select the energy pill item -> buy.

Also, you can obtain it from limited-time rewards, rank boost rewards. Also, see –

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