Lumia Saga Class Transfer – How To Change Class?

Wondering how to transfer current class mastery to another class? Read on and find out in this Lumia Saga Class Transfer guide for beginnersLumia Saga Class Transfer

As you progress through the game and reach a certain level, the class transfer function will get unlocked(before level 50). You will have to complete a tutorial quest; New Class Tutorial, in which you interact with an NPC; Commando Commander in Lumia Capital. This quest guides you on the class transfer function. So make sure to complete this tutorial quest to unlock this class transfer function. Tap the quests button on the left-center of the game interface -> tutorial quest -> about transfer -> set out now. Let’s learn everything in detail in this Lumia Saga Class Transfer guide for beginners. Lumia Saga Class Transfer

Lumia Saga Class Transfer: –

Expand the menu list by tapping the function button on the left side of the mini-map. From the menu list, choose Skill -> navigate to the third tab; Class Transfer. There you will see all the classes featured in the Lumia Saga game. Select a class that you want to pick; transfer from the current class to the selected class. Tap the switch button to select target class mastery. It allows you to transfer specific class mastery to another class. For example – Ranger to Knight or Swords OR Assassin to Knight or Swords.

Tap the confirm change button -> if you are below level 50, you can perform it for free. If not, you will have to use the class change voucher or gold coins. Class Change Voucher is an extremely rare item – keep an eye on the events to grab it. And, for gold coins, you can sell the items in the market. (Store -> Trading -> Consign for Sale -> select the item that you want to sell).

What Happens When You Transfer To Another Class?

When you perform the class transfer, the current class data will be transferred to another class, selected by you during the process. For example – if you were Ranger level 49 and set the target as Knight, then you will start with Knight level 49. You keep the cores, in-game currency, skill level, runes, etc. In other words, you don’t lose anything.

We would recommend transferring before level 50 because it would be free. After that, you will have to spend thousands of gold coins, which are hard to get. Also, see –

So this would be all in this post on Lumia Saga Class Transfer.

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