BitLife Life Simulator: How To Become A Nurse?

Nurse is one of the 146 Careers to pick in BitLife. Check out this BitLife – Life Simulator walkthrough guide to become a Nurse

To become a Nurse in BitLife, the player needs to study Nursing at University and then seek higher education in Nursing School. After that, apply for the Associate Nurse in the Hospital and work there for about 20 consecutive years to unlock/obtain Nurse Career Achievement. You start as an Associate Nurse and get promoted to the upper-tier position; Clinical Nurse, Advanced Clinician, Clinical Nurse Specialist. So this is the summary of this post. Let’s learn everything in detail: – the BitLife – Life Simulator walkthrough guide to become a Nurse.

Stats Requirement To Become A Nurse!

To get into the Nursing School or Study Nursing at University, you must have more than average smart stats – also, the health stats because no one would hire an unhealthy person in the Hospital. So we would recommend you to start with a character having decent health and smart stats; more than 85 would be enough.

Education Requirement To Become A Nurse⇓

  • High School
  • Study Nursing at University
  • Graduate from Nursing School

BitLife - Life Simulator NurseAfter graduating from high school, BitLife will ask you to study further at University – choose Nursing to study. If the Nursing option is not there, graduate from the community college – this shuffles the subjects available at University to study. Apply for the University again and select Biology – if it’s still not there, restart with a new character life.

BitLife - Life Simulator NurseAfter graduating with a Nursing degree from the University, apply for the Nursing School. Make sure that your smart and health stats are good; visit the library, gym, and do other activities to maintain these stats.

Apply For The Job – Job ShuffleBitLife - Life Simulator Nurse

After completing the Graduation from Nursing School, it’s time to apply for the Nurse Job in the hospital. Head to the Jobs section -> find Associate Nurse Job -> apply. If this job is not in the Job listings, use this trick to shuffle the jobs: –

  • Restart the game(close, open again)
  • Age(Tap the age button and progress to the next year)

Also, see (How To Become: -) –

So this would be all in this BitLife – Life Simulator walkthrough guide to become a Nurse. Do you know any other method to become a Nurse? Share it in the comment section below.

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