Idle Monster Factory Guide To Crowns – Manager Upgrades!

Wondering what are crowns in Idle Monster Factory game? Read on and find out how to use crowns in Idle Monster Factory Game.

Idle Monster Factory Crowns(Manager Crowns) Crown is the prestige currency in Idle Monster Factory. You can obtain it from the shop and by selling a line or upgrading a line. When you start the game, you would not be able to use it because the manager upgrade function gets unlocked when you upgrade the production line for the first time. When you do this, two new buttons will appear on the footer menu; the upgrade button and the crown button. Tapping the crown button opens the upgrade line menu where you can upgrade the line or sell it for Manager Crowns. Tap the Manager Crown button to open the Manager Upgrades Menu. There you can use or spend Crowns for permanent buffs. So that’s the summary of this post. Let’s learn everything in detail – Idle Monster Factory Crowns. Idle Monster Factory Crowns

Idle Monster Factory Crowns: –

  • Upgrade the production line for the first time to unlock Manager Upgrades function
  • You can spend the Crowns on Manager Upgrades
  • Upgrade/Sell the line to earn crowns
  • You can also obtain the crowns from the shop in exchnage for gold bricks

Upgrading The Line or Selling Line: –

To upgrade the line or sell a line, you must be earning a certain profit figure per minute. Tap the rat symbol in the upper-left corner of the screen to open the monster menu. New monsters get unlocked when you upgrade or sell the line. Use the navigation keys to switch between the monsters. Head to the locked monster view -> tap the show me button to open the upgrade line menu. There you can check the base profit and the profit figure that you need to earn for the upgrade.

When you reach this milestone, tap the upgrade button -> stamp on the upgrade contract. This will give you the Manager Crowns and the progress will reset.

Spending Idle Monster Factory Crowns: –

As mentioned above, you must upgrade the production line at least once to unlock the Crowns function. If you have done that, tap the upgrade button in the footer menu -> there you can spend the Crowns. Different buffs provide different benefits. So spend the Crowns wisely.

Obtaining Crowns: –

  • Upgrade line or Sell line
  • Head to the shop and there you can buy Crowns in exchange for gold bricks

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So this would be all in this guide to Idle Monster Crowns.

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