Ragnarok: Click H5 – How To Get Old Blue Boxes?

If you are stuck on the quest that asks you to get 3 old blue boxes, then we are here to help you. Read on and check out Ragnarok: Click H5 old blue boxes

One of the daily quests in Ragnarok: Click H5 challenges you to become the box collector by getting 3 old blue boxes in the game. And, it’s pretty easy to complete the quest. Blue Boxes are the treasure boxes that we mentioned in our last post; RO: Click H5 guide and tips for rookies. The old blue boxes are dropped randomly while fighting/hunting the monsters. So make sure to keep an eye on the battlefield. Here’s the picture of the dropped old blue box. Collect them and complete your daily quest. Ragnarok: Click H5 Old Blue Boxes

RO: Click H5 Old Blue Boxes: –

As you can see in the above picture; there is an old blue box on the battlefield. Keep hunting the monsters and you will eventually get the old blue box. It’s a complete random drop; there is no manual action to take. All you have to do is keep hunting the monsters; when you see the box in the combat field, tap it to grab.

After that, you will see the progress of that quest in the quest menu. Most of the time, the quest asks you to collect (3) old blue boxes; if you have got (1), you will see the progress status over that quest – 1/3. So keep an eye on the battlefield. Ragnarok: Click H5 Old Blue Boxes

What’s Inside The Old Blue Boxes?

From the old blue boxes or treasure chests, you may get Emperium or Zeny. And, it’s completely random. Sometimes you get Emperium, while sometimes, it grants Zeny. Also, the amount of reward changes from time to time.

So this would be all in this RO: Click H5 Old Blue Boxes Quest Walkthrough. If you have just started playing the game, we would strongly recommend you to check out our coverage: –

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