Idle Property Manager Tycoon Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Idle Property Manager TycoonIdle Property Manager Tycoon is a brand new idle game where you build the real estate empire. Check out Idle Property Manager Tycoon guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Hothead Games Inc., the popular mobile games developer, has just released a brand new mobile game called Idle Property Manager Tycoon on mobile app stores. In the game, you will take the role of a proprietor and manage the real estate empire. The objective is to become the world’s greatest property mogul. You will be building the houses, managing the properties, and making loads of amount of money. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. In this Idle Property Manager Tycoon guide, you will learn all the basic concepts of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Idle Property Manager Tycoon tips, cheats & strategies that will help you a lot. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Idle Property Manager TycoonIdle Property Manager Tycoon Guide: –

Let’s get familiar with the money-making model. As a proprietor, you will build the house and then rent it to the tenants. The tenants will pay you the rent over time as the game progresses. And, you can increase the rent amount by upgrading that house. So that’s how you make money in Idle Property Manager Tycoon.

Now, as you keep growing or expanding the real estate business, you will need managers so that you can collect the rent from the tenants. Without managers, you manually tap the cash sign over the house to collect. With managers, this task would be done without you. All you have to do is hire the manager for each house that you have built.

In addition to this, you can buy upgrades and make more money from all the properties. So this would be the basics. Let’s learn about the keys, gold, trophies, and much more.Idle Property Manager Tycoon

Trophies: –

Each trophy gives you an earning boost. The more trophies you have, the more bonus you are likely to get. You can earn trophies by earning more cash. In the upper-left corner, tap the trophy -> convert. This will reset your game progress and you will be rewarded with trophies or keys. And, as mentioned above, trophies provide earning boost. So before you convert, make sure that you have enough trophies to get a massive boost so that you can make more cash in the next game(After reset).

So, things you lose upon convert: –

  • Cash
  • Game Progress(buildings, upgrades, managers)

Things you keep even after convert: –

  • Trophies
  • Keys
  • Unlock locations

Keys: –

Keys in Idle Property Manager tycoon are used to unlock new locations. New locations where you can build another real estate empire and make more money. When you convert or reset the game progress, you may get a key along with the trophies.

How To Earn Gold?

You can earn up to 10 gold bricks daily by organizing the parties in the house. A music symbol appears over the house from time to time. Tap it to organize the party – and, you may earn a gold brick or loads of cash.

So this would be all in this Idle Property Manager Tycoon guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Idle Property Manager Tycoon tips, cheats & strategies.

Idle Property Manager Tycoon Tips & Tricks: –

  • Destroy the drones for loads of cash
  • Organize the house parties for gold
  • Keep building & upgrading
  • Hire the managers
  • Make the house upgrades
  • Activate the ad boost
  • Double the reward by watching a video ad
  • Reset the progress for trophies and keys
  • Unlock Star Tenants

Destroy The Drones

From time to time, you will see the drones flying over the houses. Tap it to destroy – after that, it will fell – giving you a massive amount of cash for free.

Organize The House Parties In Idle Property Manager Tycoon

Want to earn some gold bricks or loads of cash for free? Pay attention to the houses – you will see a music symbol over the houses where you can organize the parties. Tap it and boom! You may get cash or gold bricks. Keep organizing until you earn 10 gold bricks a day.

Keep Building & Upgrading

You can increase the rent price by upgrading the houses that you have built so far. And, by building more houses, you can have more tenants, which means more money. So keep building & upgrading. Tip – every new house that you build makes you more money as compared to the previous house. But the upgrade amount would be high. We would recommend keeping a balance in upgrades; as soon as you unlock a new house, focus on upgrading it because a high-rank house makes you more money.

On the road, next to the house, you can check its rank/number.

Hire The Managers In Idle Property Manager Tycoon

As soon as you build a house, hire a manager for it so that you don’t need to collect the rent manually from the tenants. The hired manager will do this job for you.

Make The House Upgrades

At the bottom-center of the screen, tap the upgrade button and buy these upgrades to generate more income from each house.

Activate The Ad Boost

On the right-center of the game screen, tap the 2x cash option – watch the video ad for a temporary boost. During this boost period, you will make more money from each property.

Double The Reward By Watching A Video Ad

The game makes you money while you are away. And, when you come back, you can claim those offline earnings. Make sure to double it by watching a video ad.

Reset The Progress For Trophies And Keys

As you keep progressing through the game or earn cash, trophies will be added to the stock that you can check by the trophy button on the upper-left side. For the permanent earnings boost, trophies help you a lot. So make sure to convert or reset the game progress for trophies. The higher the number of trophies, the more earnings boost you will get. And, there is a chance of getting a key from this action. You can use it for building a real estate empire in a new location.

Stars In Idle Property Manager Tycoon

Stars or Star Tenants can be unlocked using the coins. In the bottom-right corner, tap the stars tab to check the list of star tenants. These star tenants pay more rent as compared to the normal tenants.

So these are some basic Idle Property Manager Tycoon tips & tricks for beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below.

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