Ragnarok: Click H5 Guide To Rebirth – How To Rebirth?

Wondering how to rebirth in RO: Click H5 game? Read on and check out our Ragnarok: Click H5 Guide to rebirth – How to reach Valkyrie Level 150

Ragnarok: Click H5 RebirthRagnarok: Click H5 has just been released. At the beginning of the game, the rebirth function, which works like prestige is unlocked – and, there are lots of players who are finding it difficult to figure out how to perform rebirth because when you click the rebirth button, the game displays a message that states; To perform rebirth, your Valkyrie must be at least Level 150. If you are on the same boat, then we have got you covered. In this Ragnarok: Click H5 Guide to rebirth, we have explained everything you need to know. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Ragnarok: Click H5 Guide To Rebirth: –

  • First, unlock the Valkyrie Adventurer
  • You can hire Valkyrie by spending 24.0E amount of Zeny
  • Level Up the Valkyrie; reach 150th level
  • Unlock/Buy the Valkyrie’s upgrade; rebirth
  • Now you can perform rebirth

Ragnarok: Click H5 RebirthLet’s learn everything in detail. As you know that you need level 150 Valkyrie. Those who have just started playing RO: Click H5; Valkyrie is the adventurer that you can hire just like a normal adventurer. Here’s the list of Adventurers to figure out when you can buy/hire Valkyrie in Ragnarok: Click H5: –

  1. Arcana the Novice
  2. Mageanger the Mage
  3. Eden the Acolyte
  4. Lela the Archer
  5. Dagahr the Thief
  6. Randi the Merchant
  7. Ward the Knight
  8. Jess the Wizard
  9. Phyllis the Hunter
  10. Dawn the Assassin
  11. Maven the Alchemist
  12. Priest Felicia
  13. Crusader Elliott
  14. Clare the Sage
  15. Elena the Dancer
  16. Denise the Rogue
  17. Sheol the Ninja
  18. Ruby the BalcksmithTaekwon Girl Hannah
  19. Valkyrie
  20. High Wizard Magdalena

So there are 18 adventurers that you need to hire to unlock Valkyrie in the game.

Rach The Valkyrie Level 150

Once you have unlocked Valkyrie, it’s time to level her up. Spend the Zeny and increase her level – keep doing it until you reach the Valkyrie level 150.

Unlock Rebirth: –

Ragnarok: Click H5 RebirthOnce you have reached the Valkyrie Level 150, it’s time to buy the rebirth skill. In the Adventurer menu, tap the Valkyrie icon to open her skills/buffs/upgrades – buy the rebirth upgrade, which unlocks at level 150.

RO: Click H5 Rebirth: –

Once you are done(Valkyrie 150, Rebirth Upgrade), you will be able to perform rebirth. Rebirth gives you battle manuals that help you increase combat power. And, you will be able to beat high-level bosses. Although, it resets the game progress – it takes you to level 1. It worths performing rebirth – perform it as often as you can to get stronger quickly. Also, see –

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