The Fishercat, New Fishing Game – Guide, Tips, Overview

The Fishercat, New Fishing Game - Guide, TipsDescription – LoadComplete, creators of Devil Eater game has just released a new fishing game for Android “The Fishercat”. Here’s all you need to know about The Fishercat game – Guide, Tips, Fishes, and much more.

Fishing games are best relaxing games. There are many good fishing games available for Android on Google Play Store such as i Fishing, Ace Fishing, Fishing Cash, and more. If you are looking for a new offline fishing game, then you should play “The Fishercat” game by LoadComplete.

The Fishercat is one of the best fishing Android games 2018. It features cute graphics, hidden secrets & events, over 80 species of fish, unique equipment, and much more. It is a fun, addictive, and challenging game.

Basic – The Fishercat game Guide & Tips

The Fishercat, New Fishing Game - Guide, TipsIn this casual harpoon shooting game, you play as a cat and catch fishes. The goal is to collect fishes as much as you can. Your air tank has limited oxygen capacity to keep you under water. Once the limit exceeds, you repeat the same process. Under the ocean, you will find many fishes such as bulb fish, redfish, electric fish, small fish, big fish, and more. You can easily catch small fishes but to catch some big fishes, you must upgrade your equipment such as the harpoon, go under the sea with fishnet, electric bomb.

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Gameplay – The Fishercat game Guide & Tips

The Fishercat, New Fishing Game - Guide, TipsOn the main screen, there is a house, boat, kitty, and you. Sometimes you meet peddler there. You should know about basic things such as equipment, controls, fishes, coins, and parts.

Types of equipment in The Fishercat game

The Fishercat, New Fishing Game - Guide, Tips

  • Harpoon – You hunt down fishes with the harpoon. At the beginning of the game, you have an old, cheap, low-quality harpoon. You can upgrade the harpoon to next level to improve its performance. Varieties of harpoons are available to use such as the triple shooter, sniper harpoon, and many more. Most of them are locked initially. Earn coins, buy new harpoons, and catch some big fishes.
  • Air Tank – Your air tank has limited oxygen capacity to keep you under the water. If you want to increase the oxygen capacity of your air tank, then upgrade it. The more oxygen capacity means you can spend more time under the water. Tip – Catch fat fish to restore the oxygen, it works even when you are under the water.
  • Boat – Thousands of coins are needed to upgrade the boat.

Sub Items – The Fishercat, New Fishing Game - Guide, Tips

SubItems are very helpful. You can easily catch some big fishes using these items.

  • Bait – To attract fishes
  • Fishnet – To catch some big fishes
  • Electric Bomb – Give shock to fishes

I would prefer you to go with fishnet every time. You would be able to catch fishes in bulk at the end of the day. Tap on the home at the main screen to enter the shop.

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Controls –

Tap on the boat to go under the sea. Touch, hold and release to shoot.

Fishes in Fishercat game

The Fishercat, New Fishing Game - Guide, TipsOver 80 species of fish are featured in this addictive game. You will earn coins on the basis of fish types. Small fish worth less while big fish worth more. Tap on the fish option at the top to see your collection.

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Coins are the valuable resource in Fishercat game. You must have coins to buy subitems, upgrade equipment, and deal with peddler. To earn coins, catch big, rare fish.


The Fishercat, New Fishing Game - Guide, TipsYou can trade with Peddler. Exchange parts for coins and coins for parts. Peddler visits you after a few days gap.

How to collect parts

Catch bulb fish to get parts. Collect 20 parts, exchange for 2000 coins. Catch new fishes, go to the fish tab and claim reward.

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Tips for The Fishercat game –

⇒ Use Subitems such as fishnet to catch big fishes.

⇒ Don’t catch pink color fishes otherwise they will give you an electric shock.

⇒ Everytime you shoot, you lose double oxygen. So, don’t shoot blindly.

⇒ At the end of the day, when your oxygen is remaining for only 20-30 seconds, you will see some new big and rare fishes.

⇒ Check your mailbox every day for the forecast. If it highlights breeding, then it means you have the chance to catch more fishes. Buy 2-3 fishnets and go under the water.

Closing words on The Fishercat, New Fishing Game – Guide, Tips, Overview

It is one of the best fishing games, has cute graphics, and addictive gameplay. A must try. If you are looking for an Idle fisher game then you should play “Hooked Inc“. Download The Fishercat game – here[Free, Google Play Store].

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