King’s Throne Game Of Lust Maidens – List, How To Get Maidens

Wondering how to get Maidens in King’s Throne Game of Lust? Read on and find out all the Maidens(list of Maidens) and how to marry themKing's Throne: Game of Lust Maidens

King’s Throne Game Of Lust Maidens-

Maidens play an important role in the King’s Throne Game of Lust game. You can marry them and have children for more gains. After you marry a Maiden, you can visit her in the castle – to earn intimacy points or EXP. Intimacy Points affect the baby’s attribute, while EXP can be used in upgrading the hero’s bond skills. For starters, we would recommend checking this King’s Throne Game of Lust guide & tips for beginners. In today’s post, we have listed all the Maidens that we have encountered so far in the game. Also, we are going to show you how to get them. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

How To Get Or Marry Maidens?

There is a fixed way to get or marry a Maiden in King’s Throne Game Of Lust game. For example – by progressing through the campaign mode, from the processions(procession events), reaching a fixed Kingdom Power milestone, events, from VIP (paid offers). When you marry or have six Maidens in the castle, a new function will get unlocked; it’s Maiden Titles. It allows you to grant Titles to Maidens, upgrade the, increase Children’s attribute. To upgrade Maiden’s titles, you will need to increase Charm and Intimacy points.

Coming to the main point – how to get or marry Maidens in the King’s Throne Game of Lust?

Processions Events –

You can marry or get most of Maidens in King’s Throne Game of Lust through Processions Events. On the castle screen, tap the Processions option(Horse Cart). At the bottom-center of the Processions screen, you can check the luck, goodwill. Luck Points determine the chances of encountering a Maiden.

Tap the + button next to luck points to increase luck – donate gems, gold, grain to increase luck. Goodwill – Goodwill points are required to visit places where you can encounter Maidens and NPCs. The max number you can hold is 3. These points are restored automatically. Or you can use Goodwill Draught to restore goodwill.

Tap the Processions button in the bottom-right corner to visit a random place. In each place, you may encounter a Maiden. Have the max luck if you want to marry a Maiden. On some meets, Maiden may get ready to marry you. While on some events, she will just flirt. So make sure to increase the luck. With low luck, you will only encounter the NPCs.

Campaign Progress –

Follow the campaign mode chapters to unlock specific Maidens(listed below).

Events: –

Heroic Maidens such as Brunhilde, Elise, Jeanne, and more can be obtained from the events. You need Golden Spear to recruit the Heroic Maiden. Golden Spears can be obtained from Brunhilde Pack($30). At the top of the screen, tap the package option -> there you can check the packages with precious items -> slide to Brunhilde Pack -> it gives you Golden Spear.

Also, keep an eye on other events like Limited Time Quests/Events.

VIP: –

Purchase VIP to unlock premium Maidens; Lady Godiva, Evianne, Maeve, and more(optional).

Login For Seven Consecutive Days: –

You can get Helen(Maiden) by logging in to the game for seven consecutive days.

Reach Kingdom Power Milestones: –

In King’s Throne Game of Lust, by raising or reaching a certain Kingdom Power Milestone, you can attract specific Maidens: – Carmilla, Vivienne, Titania, Theodora.

So this would be all in this on how to get or marry Maidens in King’s Throne Game of Lust. Let’s have a look at the list of Maidens.

List Of Maidens In King’s Throne Game of Lust: –

  • Marian – Campaign
  • Margarate – Campaign
  • Joanna – Procession
  • Julia – Procession
  • Constance – Procession
  • Hildegard – Procession
  • Vivienne – 200K Kingdom Power
  • Theodora – 1M Kingdom Power
  • Evianne – VIP
  • Yolanda – Procession
  • Lady Godiva – VIP
  • Gwyneth – Procession
  • Eleanor – Procession
  • Brunhilde – Events
  • Elise – Events
  • Morrigan – Events
  • Maleen – Events
  • Jeanne – Events
  • Sarah – Events
  • Diana – Events
  • Mavia – Procession
  • Amala – Procession
  • Anastasia – Procession
  • Carmilla – 100K Kingdom Power
  • Morgan La Fey – VIP
  • Isabella – Campaign
  • Katerina – Procession
  • Helen – Login
  • Brunhilde – Heroic
  • Elise – Heroic
  • Jeanne – Heroic
  • Maeve – VIP
  • Titania – 500K Kingdom Power

Also, see –

Portraits of the Maidens can be checked in the game – Maiden Chambers -> Maidens ->  not yet in the castle.

So this would be all in this post on how to get or marry Maidens + list of Maidens in King’s Throne Game Of Lust.

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