Immortal Taoists: How To Reach Soul Wandering?

Wondering how to reach the Soul Wandering realm in Immortal Taoists and unlock Soul Wandering Skill? Read on and find out in this guideImmortal Taoists Soul Wandering

In the Immortal Taoists game, all the players start their journey from Qi Gathering I realm. After having 11 Cultivation Base Points, you can unlock the Realm upgrade function and progress further; to Foundation, Gold, and then, after Gold Realm, you arrive at Soul Wandering I Realm. It unlocks new functions such as alliance, soul wander, fortune land, etc. For starters, we would recommend checking our beginner’s guide to Immortal Taoists. In today’s post, we will show you how to get to Realm; Soul Wandering and unlock Soul Wandering Skill.

Immortal Taoists Realm⇓

How To Reach Soul Wandering Realm?

On your screen, tap the Realm option – this will take you to the Realm upgrade screen where you can upgrade the Realm to the next level. For example – Foundation I to II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X. Then Gold Core Realm I to II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X – and then, you reach Soul Wandering I.

You will need Cultivation Base(CB) points to reach this milestone. The character automatically gathers these points – the production rate increases as you further improve the realm level. After Gold Core X, you will arrive in Soul Wandering Realm.

One thing to note is that you will need Pills to increase the success rate of Realm Upgrade. On the Realm Upgrade screen, at the bottom-center, you can check the success rate. Always have a 90+ success rate so that you don’t lose CB points. You can increase the success rate by using pills. In the foundation realm, you will need Foundation Pills. For Gold Core, you need Gold Core Pills. And, for Soul Wandering, you need Soul Wandering Pills.

The players can buy these pills from the market in exchnage for spirit stones. Immortal Taoists Soul Wandering

How To Unlock Immortal Taoists Soul Wandering Skill?

Go to the Adventure menu -> Soul Wandering -> In the description, tap the Bold Color Letter Hyperlink; Soul-Wandering. A small pop-up screen will open where you can purchase or learn this skill. It allows you to separate the soul from the body and then wander in the world. You can gain treasure when the soul wanders in the world. The cost to unlock this skill is 30K Spirit Stones.

You can obtain spirit stones by completing encounter quests, from events, and produce in Spiritual Mountain(Dwelling). Usually, you get the Spirit Stone packs – the player needs to go to inventory and open/use the Spirit Stone pack to claim Spirit Stones – after that, the amount will reflect into the account.

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