Black Clover Phantom Knights Reroll Guide

Wondering how to reroll in Black Clover Phantom Knights? Read on and check out this Black Clover Phantom Knights reroll guide info on best tier unit to aim forBlack Clover Phantom Knights Reroll

Bandai Namco’s latest anime game Black Clover Phantom Knights has just been released for Android and iOS. During the tutorial, the game will let you summon one unit for free – and, you can reroll for 99 times. And, after you complete the tutorial, go to the present tab, claim all the pre-registration rewards(there would be over 5000 Black Jewels, Asta Demon Sheets-x40). You can use these Black Jewels for 11x pull and aim for the top-tier character in Black Clover Phantom Knights. This is just the summary of this post. Let’s learn everything in detail – Black Clover Phantom Knights Reroll Guide.

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Black Clover Phantom Knights Reroll Guide: –

These are the steps you need to follow to reroll: –

Claim The First Summon For Free

The first thing to do is to follow the tutorial and reach the summon stage. As mentioned above, you will get to summon one character for free. You can either confirm or summon again (re-summon). This is the re-summon 99 banner, which unlocks during the tutorial and lets you reroll for 99 times continuously until you get the character that you are looking for.

Let’s check out the units to roll for: –Black Clover Phantom Knights Reroll

Reroll For Five Star Character

In the re-summon 99 banner, we would recommend you to keep rerolling until you get one of these two 5-star characters: –

  • Mars – Defender
  • Mimosa – Healer

(1) Mimosa – Healer

Mimosa is one of the best characters/healers in the Black Clover Phantom Knights game. She is a tier-1 character with top-quality powerful skills that you should check out: –

  • Arcane Art Skill – this skill of Mimosa restores HP to allies in range
  • A.O.M. Skill – this skill restores AOM participant’s HP
  • AB I – Restores HP to an ally
  • A.B. II – Multi-hits to enemy
  • AB III – Disples status effects from an ally

Mimosa Full Power Stats: –

  • Power – 0101
  • Role – Healer
  • HP – 1800
  • ATK – 360
  • DEF – 190
  • SPD – 350
  • WIS – 350
  • LUCK – 250

(2) Mars – Defender

That’s optional and our personal choice. Try to Get Mimosa if possible or check out the tier list for more info. Check out Mars’ skills: –

  • Arcane Art – Inflicts damage on the enemy
  • A.O.M. Link – Raises own hate, lowers AOM Participants’ Hate
  • Nemean Armor (AB I) – Grants shield to allies, raises own DEF
  • Harpe – Multi-hits on random enemies
  • Phoenix Robe – Self-healing continuously

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Claim All The Pre-Registration Rewards

As a pre-registration reward, Black Clover Phantom Knights give over 5000 Black Jewels for free. Go to the lobby -> tap the present button on the top-right -> claim entier page. You can use Black Jewels for summoning for characters.

Also, you get x40 Asta(Demon-Dweller), Yuno Sheets that you can use to unlock Asta(Demon-Dweller), Yuno. Go to the Brigade menu -> locked -> tap Asta avatar -> unlock.

Summon Black Clover Phantom Knights Characters

After claiming all the Black Jewels received as pre-registration reward, head to the summon menu. There you will find a lot of banners: –

  • 8 Days Banner – Mars’ drop rate is higher as of now
  • Step-Up summon – Guaranteed Black Asta at step 7
  • Mereoleona – Guaranteed Mereoleona at step 7
  • Normal banners featuring 5-star characters

Black Asta and Mereoleona are Tier 1 Characters in the JP Tier list.

Tap the summon rates button in the bottom-left corner of the banner to check steps/rewards/drop-rates.

Look for these characters: –

  • Mimosa
  • Yami

or check out this tier list for more info –

Both these two heroes are available in Mage Summon Banner, Step-Up Summon Banner(keep checking the summon rate because update might change the drop rates).

Learn To Reroll On Android And iOS

Android -> Go to settings -> apps – Black Clover Phantom Knights -> clear data. Start the game again. You need to download the patch every time you start over. There is no other way to start over and reroll on a non-rooted Android device. iOS – Delete the app and install it again to reroll.

Also, see –

So this would be all in this post on Black Clover Phantom Knights reroll guide.

This article was last updated on January 17, 2020.

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