Kiss of War Officers Guide – List, Skills & Talent Build

This post covers all about Kiss of War Officers – list of officers, their skills, strength and how to make them powerful to get more benefitsKiss of War Officers

There are over 12 officers in Kiss of War game – each officer with unqiue skill, talent, and strengths. For beginners, it could be hard to figure out how to use and build officers wisely. So we have shared a beginner-friendly Kiss of War Officers guide that covers their info – skills, talent, how to get them, etc. For starters, we would recommend checking the Kiss of War guide and Kiss of War Officer’s Club info. Also, these Kiss of War Exchange Codes to redeem free rewards. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Kiss of War Officers: –


Angelica is one of Kiss of War officers who excel in three core aspects; Infantry, Jungler, and Mobility.

  • Infantry – Excel in leading Infantry units in the battle(specific unit – Infantry)
  • Jungler – Excel in batteling with Invaders and Iron Behemoths(PvE – Invader)
  • Mobility – Moves fast on the map(to march fast)

Skills: –

  • Flash Assault – inflicts damage on a single target and reduces the target’s attack and speed.
  • Aura of Star – with this skill, Angelica increases the Speed and Attack of Infantry
  • Positive Image – with this skill, this officer increases damage dealt by troops on Invaders or Iron Behemoths
  • Hold the Line – reduces the damage taken, recovers rage + increase the speed
  • Last Stand – increases the attack of Infantry units – but reduces the defense a little

So, in conclusion, we can say that Angelica’s skills favor infantry units, can help you in PvE battles, and increase speed.

Talent Build – how should you spend talent points on this Kiss of War officer?

It gives you three choices; Infantry, Jungler, and Mobility. 2 out of 5 skills give a boost to infantry units. One Positive Image Skill buff all the troops’ damage power.  Active skill slowdowns and reduce the attack power of the enemy. And, at last, Hold The Line skill, which reduces damage taken, recovers rage, increases speed.

Based on the skill she has, we would recommend to build her as Infantry and use more infantry units in march when being lead by this officer. What’s your opinion? Comment below.


Linda excels in leading tank units in the march as her skills buff the tank-type units. Also, she is a Jungler and good at dealing with invaders/PvE Enemies. Let’s take a look at her skills: –

  • Massive Firepower – massive single-target damage with this skill
  • Defense Is Offense – with this skill, Linda increases the tank-type units attack by up to 10% and can reduce the damage received by all the troops under her command – by up to 5%.
  • Keep The Peace – with this skill, Linda increases the DMG power of troops when fighting against Invaders
  • Targeted Strike – increases skill damage of troops under her command
  • Ultra-Massive Power – massive single-target damage with this skill

Talent Build – we would recommend build her as a Jungler. Because, as a Jungler, you get to boost all the troops under talent build and more benefit when fighting in PvE.


Marjorie is fast and good at gathering resources from the map. Additionally, thanks to the skills, she can boost tank units. Let’s take a look at this Kiss of War officer skills: –

  • Strafe – Single-Target DMG Active Skill
  • Resources Management – Increases gathering speed and damage of troops when fighting over resource fields
  • Lightning Impact – Increases ATK of Tank-Units
  • Fierce Advance – Increases DMG and SPD of troops under her command

Talent Build – we would recommend building her as a Gatherer – not tank and mobile. Her best skill is resource management which increases the gathering speed. Additionally, this skill increases the damage of troops when you fight over a resource field.


Katherine is another one of the Kiss of War officers. She excels at leading tank-units, fighting in PvE, and dealing damage with skills.

  • Tempest – Single-Target Continuous DMG
  • Right Through – Increases TANK UNITS’ ATK and SPD
  • Legion of Justice – Increases DMG of troops
  • Go For The Throat – Increases DMG taken for enemies
  • Ultra Tempest – Single-Target Continuous DMG

Talent Build – we would recommend to build her as a Tank or Jungler.


Doireann is one of the best officers in the Kiss of War. She excels in PvP and rally attacks.

  • Storm Assault – Buffs attack/defense/damage of troops + single-target damage
  • Frontline Commander – Reduces damage taken for troops
  • Bloodlust – Increases ATK of troops
  • Battlefield Leader – Increases the Troops Capacity – you can take more troops on the march
  • Ultra Storm Assault – Buffs attack/defense/damage of troops + single-target damage(more when awakened)

Talent Build – we would recommend to build her as General or Siege. What’s your opinion? Comment below.


Grace excels in dealing tank-units in the march, garrisoning city, and have high survivability.

  • Active skill deals damage to multiple targets in the front and reduces damage taken for troops
  • Equipped Tank – Increases TANK-UNITS’ DEF/ATK/SPD
  • Defend the Motherland – Increases the ATK of all troops under her command when you choose her as a garrisoning unit
  • Throne of Roses – Increases Counter ATK DMG of the troops

Talen Build – we would recommend to build her as a Garrison unit. Tap the defense center building -> choose Grace as the Garrison officer.


Jessica excels in leading Tank Destroyer units in the battle, garrisoning the base, and deals more damage with the skills.

  • Active skill deals damage, increases defense, and recovers rage
  • Blast Assault – Increases the defense of tank-destroyer units and may activate damage multiplier
  • Hearth Guardian – Increases the ATK of troops when you deploy her in the defense center
  • Ammo Suppression – Increase damage dealt and speed
  • Anti-Tank Impact – Increases Attack/SPD of Tank Destroyer Units

Talent Build – we would recommend to build her as Anti-Tank or Garrison.


Build her as a General or Siege. She can heal the troops when attacking an enemy base, increase the troop capacity and damage dealt.


Build her as an Anti-Tank – use only or more tank destroyers when you send her on the march.


Build her as Infantry or Siege. For PvP fights, send more infantry troops with her.


Build her as a garrison unit – she will increase the troops’ health when serving as a garrison.


Build her as a gatherer – she will increase the gathering speed and unit load.


Build her as a gatherer – she will increase the gathering speed, unit load, and troop capacity – eventually, you get to store/gather more resources.

Also, see –

How To Get Kiss of War Officers?

  • From the recruitment center
  • Campaign Shop
  • Daily Store

How To Make Kiss of War Officers Stronger?

  • Level them up – defeat invaders on the map obtain XP. Use this item to level them up
  • Spend talent points wisely
  • Raise their star level and unlock new skills. Star-Level upgrade material can be obtained from the recruitment center or campaign shop
  • Raise their rank to get skill points, use skill points to increase their skill level

So this would be all in this post on Kiss of War Officers guide.

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  1. If Marjorie is supposed to be American, why does she speak with a French accent? (Not that I’m complaining) Jeane is supposed to be French, and Maria is supposed to be Italian, yet both of them speak like Americans. I guess the lady who obviously does all of the voices has trouble with Italian. She should watch a few Sophia Loren movies. I played this game for about a month, got bored, and then deleted it. Too much work gathering resources, research, and building, and not enough fun with the ladies.

    • Do officers talent stack Junior officers, that is. I have read yes but I’m not sure how accurate the sources is. So let’s say you have two officers both filled with tank do those tank stats double?

    • From what I see since getting her I to use her as a gatherer. Build up her 1st skill which causes a healing affect in battle. I’m not sure about the rest of her abilities