Marvel Super War Captain America Guide – Skills & Gear Build

Captain America is one of the heroes featured in the Marvel Super War game. In this post, you will learn about Captain America’s skills and the best gear buildMarvel Super War Captain America

Captain America is a top-tier hero in Marvel Super War. He does decent damage, has good mobility, CC, and self-healing skills. Also, he is tanky. For starters, we would recommend checking the beginner’s guide to Marvel Super War and Marvel Super War Tier List. Today’s post shares the Captain America’s skill and gears build info. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Marvel Super War Captain America: –

  • Class – Fighter
  • Easy To Play – Yes
  • Strength – Damage, CC, Tanky
  • Gears Build – Attack & Defense
  • Passive Skill – Star of Freedom
  • Damage/CC Skill – Shield Throw
  • Self-Healing & Acceleration Skill – Liberty Rush
  • ULT Skill –  Avenger Vanguard

Marvel Super War Captain America Skills: –

Captain America possesses three types of active skills and one passive skill. The two normal active skills are shield throw and liberty rush. And, the Ultimate/Ult skill is Avenger Vanguard. Let’s have a look at the detail of each skill Captain America can unleash during the war: –

Using Shield Throw Skill

⇒ Use the Shield Throw skill to slow down the enemy. Shield Throw skill not only deal physical damage to the enemies but also inflict a slow effect. Also, use it within 700 yards range so that you can deal the maximum damage possible and reduce more speed.

Make Use Of Captain America’s Passive Skill

After you use the Shield Throw Skill, the passive skill of Captain America will get activated automatically. This passive skill makes Captain America leap toward the enemy with the next basic attack and inflict PHY DMG and stun them for a few movements. Also, it enables you to use the Liberty Rush immediately.

Learn The Combo: –

  1. Use shield throw skill and make the enemy slow.
  2. After using the shield throw skill, use the basic attack to activate the passive ability(leap toward the enemy, inflict damage and stun)
  3. And, soon after it, at last, use Liberty Rush to hit the enemy and for self-healing

The Ultimate Skill

The Ult skill, Avenger Vanguard, lets you deal massive PHY DMG to the enemy with a temporary knockback effect to nearby enemies. During the continuous attacks, he gets control immunity and damage reduction. And, if the target gets killed within 3 seconds of the ability hitting, he gains a speed boost.

So this would be all in this post on Marvel Super War Captain America Skills. Let’s learn about the gear build.

Marvel Super War Captain America Gears Build: –

We would recommend the Sustained DPS gear set as it improves the attack and defense of Captain America – making him more dangerous.

  • Stormbreaker(Attack) – Increases HP, Physical Attack, and Cooldown Reduction. The passive effect reduces the enemy’s armor upon inflicting physical damage
  • Hydra Boots – Increases armor and movement speed. The passive effect reduces the physical damage taken
  • Nightsword – Increases HP, PHY ATK, CD reduction. The passive gives additional damage upon using basic attack after unleashing an ability
  • Captain America’s Shield – Increases HP and Armor. The passive effect reduces the PHY DMG taken
  • Cloak of Levitation – Increases HP, Energy Resistance, and CD reduction. The passive effect reduces the energy resistance of nearby enemies + grants immunity to one ability
  • Megingjord – This gear increases HP and Healing amount received. The passive effect helps you recover HP after being out of the battle for 3 seconds

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So this would be all in this post on Marvel Super War Captain America Skills & Gear build info.

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