Knights Chronicle Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Knights ChronicleKnights Chronicle is a brand new turn-based strategy game for mobile devices by Netmarble. Check out our Knights Chronicle guide, tips, cheats & strategy to master the game

Netmarble’s latest turn-based strategy game Knights Chronicle is now live on mobile app stores. It features lots of game modes such as an arena, adventure, dungeon, events, and much more. And in this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Knights Chronicle guide and Knights Chronicle tips, cheats & strategy to master the game.

Get Started – The Basic – Knights Chronicle

Before we head to the cheats, tips & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basics first. In Knights Chronicle game, your main objective is to build the party of best characters. And it depends on you; you can continue with the default characters or wait until you get SSR rank characters. The characters list is given below. At the beginning of the game, you have SR and R rank characters. And if you check the inbox, you will get an SSR rank character. What is SSR, R, SR, C? SSR – Special Super Rare, SR – Super Rare, R – Rare, C – Common.

And it would be better if you ignore this stuff if you are just playing for fun. Just focus only on five best characters. You will get second SSR rank character as a reward on the 7th day and when you complete the first 8 missions in Knights Chronicle game, you will get another SR character. Additionally, if you count free summons, you can get more characters.

And there are many more ways to obtain 6-stars characters(check the Knights Chronicle cheats, tips part below). At the beginning of the game, most of the game modes are locked and you have access to adventure mode only.

Once you complete the 2-5 stage in the adventure mode, PvP mode gets unlocked. After completing the first story, you will be able to take part in events or dungeon mode where you can earn more rewards.

Just keep in mind that; you don’t need to develop all the characters you have. If you try to develop all the characters by leveling up, evolving, then you will be out of gold coins. So, just focus on the best five characters; SSR or SR rank.

As you rank up, the difficulty level will increase and it will be hard to strike down the boss in the boss battles. But if you increase the characters’ power constantly and use our Knights Chronicle tips, cheats, it would not be hard. Let’s start the Knights Chronicle guide and after it, check out Knights Chronicle tips, cheats & strategy.

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#1.) Knights Chronicle Walkthrough Guide

The game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game. After it, you can play the game manually as you want. It would be better if you focus on these things in the beginning: –

  • Complete the adventure mode
  • Complete the mission dairy

You can play adventure mode in three sub-modes; easy, normal and hard. You start from Esod Forest and finish the journey by completing the Rosette’s Garden.

Once you complete all the stages in easy mode, you will be able to play normal mode. And after completing all the stages in the normal mode, you will be able to play hard mode.

The reason behind focusing on adventure mode is: –

  • You will get a special reward after completing all the stages. For instance; complete the Hokhma Desert part to get a free SR rank character.

Claim all the free characters and focus on the best five characters. That’s why you should focus on adventure mode at the beginning of the game. Complete it as soon as possible. Then head to the PvP and rank-up to get more awesome rewards.

  • Mission Dairy

Go to the main screen -> tap the mission icon (at the right side of the screen) -> complete the missions. Once you complete 8 missions, you can claim a special reward. And it could be a 6-star character ticket. To claim the reward, go to the inbox(tap the mail icon at the top-right) -> collect.

Now, let’s start the Knights Chronicle guide.

#2.) Knights Chronicle guide

In this part, we will learn about the characters, how to increase their powers, about runes, evolving, enhancing, essence, items, material, talent, and much more.

  • Characters Guide

In Knights Chronicle game, you can select up to five characters for the battle either you are playing adventure mode or PvP. Go to the heroes tab -> edit team -> tap the character you want to remove -> then you will see the full list of heroes you have -> tap a hero to add.

You can create up to five teams with different character combination and a separate team for the arena mode. The five characters: –

  • One leader
  • Four Characters

To make a character leader, place it in the first slot. All the characters(except N, C) have different leader skill. The leader’s skill affects the whole team. For instance; Rescue Knight Theo is a hero and if you set it as a leader, then its leader skill will increase the defense of all the team members by 20%.

Go to the heroes tab -> hero box -> tap the hero -> here you can check the skills & stats.

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How to increase the power of heroes and defeat the powerful enemies in Knights Chronicle game?

As stated above, as you rank-up, the difficulty level will increase and you should increase the power of heroes. Make sure to spend only on five best characters. Don’t develop all the characters; Hint; develope five SSR or SR rank characters.

There are many ways to increase the power of heroes. Let’s learn about all: –

  • Level Up Guide

Leveling up a hero increases its stats;

  1. Attack
  2. Accuracy
  3. Critical Strike Chance
  4. Multistrike
  5. Counter Attacks
  6. Attack Speed
  7. HP
  8. Defense

Go to the heroes tab -> level up -> now, you have to select material heroes(don’t select SR and SSR rank characters) -> level-up. It costs you gold coins. Material Heroes -> Select N-type characters(at the bottom-right corner of characters’ portrait, you can check its rank).

After reaching the maximum level, you can not level-up. But, you can increase the maximum level by evolving.

  • Evolving Guide

In Knights Chronicle game, to increase the level cap, stars. For instance, you have a 5-star character, you can evolve it and transform it into a 6-star character(grade increment). Additionally, it will increase the maximum level of that character and you will be able to upgrade it.

Go to the heroes tab -> evolve -> select a hero -> select material heroes -> confirm.

Material hero -> For example; you are going to upgrade a 5-star hero, then material heroes should be of 5-stars. If you have not, then evolve a 4-star hero to 5-star and later, use it as a material hero.

  • Enhancing Guide

In Knights Chronicle game, you can add a bonus boost to a specific character and increase a stat by enhancing. In short, to activate a bonus boost, enhance a hero.

Go to the heroes tab -> enhancing -> select a hero -> choose material -> confirm. Enhance material and one advent hero material is required to enhance a hero. Complete the missions, adventure mode, events to get this material or check the secret shop in the town hall(town hall guide is below).

  • Limit- Break Guide

You can limit-break a six-star(level 50) character. It increases the maximum level by 2. Go to the heroes tab -> limit break -> select a 6* hero -> select material heroes -> confirm.

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  • Hero Talent Guide

You can unlock a talent in Knights Chronicle game and add a special boost. Hero talent gets unlocked when a hero reaches level 50. Talent; for instance, increase damage, attack, speed.

Go to the heroes tab -> hero talent -> select a hero -> tap a talent confirm. Material items are required to unlock a talent; essence. If you tap that item, you will be able to know from where to acquire that item. You can obtain essence from the secret shop or take part in events.

  • Enhance Skill

It is one of the important parts in Knights Chronicle game, because, in the battle, you use hero’s skills to deal damage to the enemies. And if your character’s skills are poor, then it would be hard to defeat powerful monsters.

How to enhance skills?

You need duplicate characters. For instance, Netty is a hero in Knights Chronicle game. To enhance its skills, duplicate Netty is required. In short, an identical hero is required to enhance the skills. You can obtain heroes by summoning. Read the summoning guide below.

Go to the heroes tab -> enhance -> select a hero -> then select duplicate hero as a material -> confirm.

  • Runes Guide

You can activate a special bonus if you equip the characters with runes. You can obtain runes from the adventure mode, in the events, as a mission reward, from the shop, and there are many more ways.

To equip, go to the heroes tab -> head to runes -> equip -> select a character -> select a rune -> activate.

You can also increase the bonus effect of these runes by enhancing runes. Go to the runes tab -> enhance rune -> select a rune -> confirm.

Rune enhancing material is required to enhance runes. You can obtain enhance stone(/rune enhancing material) by salvaging. Go to the runes tab -> salvage rune -> select a low-quality rune -> salvage -> get enhance stone.

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  • Pal Points Guide

Pal Points is another one of the main in-game items in Knights Chronicle game. It is used in summoning, in the town hall, and many more places. You earn pal points by adding friends. You can check the number of pal points you have at the top-left side(heart icon). Read the Knights Chronicle cheats, tips & strategy guide below to learn more about pal points.

  • Summoning Guide

You can summon heroes using crystals. Go to the summon -> use crystals -> confirm. You could get a duplicate hero, use it to enhance the skill. You can also use pal points for summoning(read the pal points guide above).

  • Town Hall Guide

Once you reach rank 9, the town hall feature gets unlocked. Go to the lobby/main screen -> town hall -> there are a number of buildings in the town. Let’s learn about all: –

  1. Townhall -> Upgrade it to unlock new buildings and increase the mine production
  2. Mine -> This building produces gold, upgrade the town hall to increase the production of gold
  3. Goddess Falls -> In Knights Chronicle game, you can summon heroes using gold. Upgrade the town hall to level 7 and unlock it. Use the gold and summon heroes. Upgrade this building to obtain higher-grade heroes
  4. Pal Lotto -> Here you can spend pal points and obtain rewards
  5. Laboratory -> Here you can exchange material for heroes, the essence
  6. Guild – Join an active guild to earn daily rewards and guild points. You can spend guild points in the laboratory to get heroes
  7. Secret Shop – There are lots of items & material featured in Knights Chronicle game. Some items and material are so rare, can not be obtained easily. Go to secret shop and there you can find the best deals
  8. Bounty List – Earn rewards by defeating the monsters. The monster tier chances based on adventure progress
  9. Chance Roulette – Spend pal points and grab a premium item for free
  10. Heroic Windmill – Use essence to get a 4-star hero(pal points are required).

List Of Characters

You can check the complete list of characters; go to the main screen of the game -> tap the menu(at the bottom-left corner) -> go to the codex.

So, this is a short and simple Knights Chronicle guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start Knights Chronicle cheats, tips & strategy guide.

#3.) Knights Chronicle cheats, tips & strategy

#Tip 1.) Add helpers or team up to earn pal points

Knights ChronicleAs stated above, pal point is one of the main in-game items in Knights Chronicle game and using it, you can obtain precious rewards such as 6-star hero ticket, essence, and much more. One of the best ways to earn pal points is adding a helper to your team and it will also increase the team power. Before you start the adventure, tap the team up option next to a helper(make sure to check the character level and choose the higher level character).

#Tip 2.) Use Pal Points To Earn Essence and precious rewards

Essence is one of the main materials featured in Knights Chronicle game, used to unlock hero talents, transformation, increasing the power of heroes. You can use pal points to obtain it. Go to the summon -> head to pal points -> summon.

Or go to the town hall -> Chance Roulette -> spend pal points to earn a premium item. You can spin twice a day.

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#Tip 3.) Battle Party and PvP arena

  • Choose the leader wisely because leader’s skill affects the whole team, read the character guide above
  • Must include a healer in your team(a hero that heals or recover the HP of allies in the battle using the skill)
  • Enhance the character’s skills(read the guide above)
  • Increase the power of heroes by evolving, leveling up, unlock talents, equip runes, enhance runes
  • In the PvP mode, attack the enemy healer first
  • Take elemental advantage

#Tip 4.) Take Elemental Advantage to deal 30% more damage

Knights ChronicleIn Knights Chronicle game, each hero has a specific element; fire, water, wind, light, dark. Go to the heroes tab -> hero box -> at the bottom-left corner of character’s icon, you can check the element. Here’s how to take elemental advantage in the battle: –

  • Fire element deals 30% more damage to Wind element
  • Wind > Water
  • Water > Fire
  • Fire > Wind
  • Light > Dark
  • Dark > Light

In the battle, check the enemy’s element. For instance, it’s your turn and you have a fire type character. Now, check the enemy’s icon; find wind element enemy and tap it to make it your target. Because fire element heroes deal more damage to wind element heroes.

#Tip 5.) Collect Lena’s Gift After Every 10 Minutes

On the main screen, near the mission icon, tap the gift icon(Lena’s gift). You can claim it after every 10 minutes each day(a certain number of times).

#Tip 6.) Complete 8 Missions To Get A Specific Reward

In Knights Chronicle game, if you complete 8 missions, you will get a special mission reward. On the main screen -> tap the mission icon -> complete 8 missions -> get special mission reward -> repeat. You could get a 6-star hero ticket. To claim the reward, tap the inbox/mail icon(at the top-right side of the screen).

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#Tip 7.) Upgrade the town hall to increase gold production and unlock new buildings

Go to the town -> upgrade the town hall -> upgrading the town hall increases the gold production rate(read the town hall guide above) and unlock the new building. Unlock the Goddess falls and summon heroes using gold. Unlock bounty list and earn more rewards by defeating monsters.

#Tip 8.) Join An Active Guide To Earn Guild Points

You can use guild points to summon an SSR rank hero in Knights Chronicle. Complete the guild missions, check-in daily to earn rewards. You can leave the guild by visiting town hall -> guild -> manage guild -> leave the guild.

#Tip 9.) Grab the rare items in events

Don’t ignore events in Knights Chronicle game because some precious items cannot be obtained from the adventure and PvP mode(for free). Participate in events and obtain precious items such as essence, XPmon, runes, spirits, and much more.

So, these are some simple Knights Chronicle cheats, tips & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Top new Android games

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