Last Cloudia Reroll Guide To Pull Decent Units

Last Cloudia Reroll GuideLast Cloudia is a brand new Gacha RPG for Android and iOS by AIDIS Inc. Let’s have a look at Last Cloudia Reroll Guide to pull decent units and start strong

The English(Global) version of the Last Cloudia game has just gone live on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store. In the game, you will build a team of units and ark to fight monsters on different locations of the world map. Having high tier units will help you clear the difficult stages easily. And, it would be better to start strong – pull the high tier units from the initial summons using this Last Cloudia Reroll Guide. This reroll guide is for Android users(you don’t need to download 726 MB of data every time). If you are on iOS, then you will have to reinstall the game if you want to reroll. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content: – Last Cloudia Reroll Guide.

Last Cloudia Reroll Guide For Android: –

  • In your Android device, open the file manager app
  • In the file manager app, find & open the Android folder
  • Inside the Android folder, there would be a folder named Data, open it
  • Inside the Data folder, find com.aidis.lastcloudiaen folder
  • Rename this folder to anything else(long press on it -> menu button -> rename -> add x letter to the last)
  • Now, In your Android device, open the settings
  • In the settings app, go to the apps -> Last Cloudia
  • Clear the Last Cloudia storage app
  • Once done, navigate back to file manager -> Android -> data -> now rename the Last Cloudia game’s folder to its original name – com.aidis.lastcloudiaen
  • That’s it. Initiate the game, it will start from the beginning

If you are on Android 10, head to the settings app -> tap the search bar at the top-center of the settings app -> search for Last Cloudia -> app info -> from there you can delete its storage and follow the reset of the aforementioned steps.

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Last Cloudia Reroll Guide For iOS

As mentioned above, the players who are playing on iOS needs to reinstall the game(uninstall -> install again from iOS App Store).

When To Reroll: –

  • Follow the tutorial
  • For the first time, you will get 10x gacha pull for free – in the tutorial(complete that)
  • Claim the beginner’s welcome campaign reward – 3000 crystals(main screen -> present box -> claim this reward)
  • Use the 3000 crystal for another 10x pull

Last Cloudia Reroll GuideSo now you are all done. If you have got the decent/high-tier units from these two pulls, continue playing. If not, follow the above-mentioned steps to reroll in the Last Cloudia game. If you don’t know what are the best high-tier units, please check out this Last Cloudia Tier List.

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