Ulala: Idle Adventure Toys – Toy Box, Toy Store!

Ulala: Idle Adventure ToysWondering what are toys in Ulala: Idle Adventure? Let’s have a look at this post that covers the Ulala Toys detail – toys’ effect, toy store, etc.

In the Ulala: Idle Adventure Arena guide, we mentioned the rainbow stones, which is the valuable in-game currency. You can use it to buy toys in the toy stores. The Toy Store or Toy Box function unlocks at character class level 51. For the first time, at level 51, you can equip (1) toy – and, as you reach a certain level(55, 60, 67), new toy slots get unlocked. Let’s learn everything in detail in this Ulala: Idle Adventure Toys Guide for the beginners.

Ulala: Idle Adventure Toys: –

  1. Marmot
  2. T. Rex
  3. Brown Bear
  4. Unicorn Gorilla
  5. Sabre Tiger King
  6. Mobiln

These are the toys that you can buy from the toy store in exchange for Rainbow Stones. You can acquire rainbow stones by playing the arena mode or from the hero hill reward. If you don’t know about the hero hill, please check our Ulala: Idle Adventure guide for beginners.

Ulala: Idle Adventure ToysHead to the character profile menu -> on the bottom-right side of the equipment panel, tap the toy box. Now, you are on the Toys screen – here you can equip the toys. On the same screen, at the bottom-right corner, tap the toy store button -> there you can buy the toys. Ulala: Idle Adventure Toys

And, as mentioned above, new slots will get unlocked at certain character class levels; 55, 60, 67. Let’s learn about the Toys Manual – Pieces.

Toys Manual – Pieces

⇒In the Toy Box menu, at the bottom-left corner, tap the Toys Manual button. There you will see all the toys list featured in the Ulala game. If you acquire a new toy, it will be displayed there. Tap the View button next to the toy -> on the next screen, you can allocate or equip the pieces to that toy. For example – Marmot’s Bell to Marmot. T. Rex’s hat to T.Rex. For each toy, there is a different gear set. Just like the characters!

⇒In the Toy profile or view, tap the toy or a piece that you want to remove -> then it will appear in the inventory -> there you tap the sell button -> select the toy or piece -> confirm. You can get a small share of rainbow stones back in the stock.

⇒Make sure to equip all the toys in the Toy Manual because they increase the base stats of the character. For example – block, evasion, armor, impale, etc. Also, the pieces or toy’s gear improve these stats.

Use The Toys Wisely

Since you have limited slots, you can equip a certain number of toys at a time. And, you should do it wisely. All the toys provide different stats to the character, for instance: Marmor increases the Armor, while the T.Rex increases block & evasion. Depending on the character class build or role, you have to equip the toys.

For example – For DPS characters, equip the toy or piece that increases attack. Marmot’s Bell increases ATK and Critical rate.

In the Toy’s profile(View menu), tap the magnifying glass icon to check the attribute bonus granted by the toy. Also, tap the allocated piece to check the attribute bonus granted by it.

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