LifeAfter: How To Upgrade Manor/House?

If you are wondering how to upgrade Manor in the LifeAfter game, then our today’s LifeAfter Manor Upgrade walkthrough guide will help you(Search “Lifeafter” using the search function in the top-right corner for more Lifeafter guides)

LifeAfter: How To Upgrade Manor/House?

To unlock new furniture items, plant beds, and for many more functions(roommate, quick repair, and more), you need to upgrade the manor. In case you don’t know; the development zone is your home where you build your house. In one of the tutorial quests, you retrieve the ground and put it to the blue zone. That was the home foundation quest. You can travel to the wilderness, town hall, cities, and development zone through the helicopter. To learn the manor upgrade, make sure that you are in the development zone. At the top-right corner of the screen, tap the mini-map -> tap the (+)(-) icon to zoom in/out. If you are not, the open the mini-map -> find the red color exit point -> visit there -> use the helicopter. Now, let’s learn how to upgrade manor or house level in LifeAfter game!

Interact with the controller object⇓

LifeAfter Manor UpgradeIn the development zone, near the house foundation, there is a controller object, near the mailbox. Interact with that object and click Manage. After that, you will see many options; info, nurse, event, embellish, and manor. Tap the manor upgrade option -> here you can check the supplies requirement and abilities level requirement. Once you have enough supplies and the ability level is also enough, you will see the upgrade button. Tap it. That’s it. You have upgraded the manor. At the upper-left corner of the screen, tap the home icon -> profile -> here you can check the current manor level.

LifeAfter Manor Upgrade Walkthrough For Beginners

LifeAfter Manor UpgradeIn this part, we will show you how to upgrade the manor to level 2. After that, you can progress to the next levels by own. To upgrade the house/manor to level 2, you need 5 wooden boards, 200 stones, 400 wood. And, the abilities level should be 5. (Gather – 5, Crafting – 5, Combat – 5).

Wooden Boards -> You can craft the wooden board with the material bench facility. You get this material bench for free in the development zone. All you need to do is search a bit around the cabin area -> interact with it -> retrieve. Once done, you can place it in the manor. Interact with material bench object -> go to workable tab -> select wooden board. To craft wooden board, you need 2 Twig, 120 Wood(1 unit). Twig – Twig is the second resource that you get by chopping trees. Cut the trees in the forest areas to get Twig. Keep in mind that it’s a secondary resource. And, must use an AXE.

Stones -> You get stones by destructing rocks with a Pickaxe. Visit any wilderness place; you can find many rocks there. It’s common.

Wood -> Cut the trees.

Abilities level 5 – At the top-left corner, tap the home icon -> abilities -> here you can see the mastery points required to level up an ability.

How To Level Up Abilities Fast⇓

LifeAfter Manor UpgradeCrafting – To increase the crafting ability fast, we would recommend you to craft pig iron or gunpowder with gear workstation. You get 100+ crafting mastery points when you craft these items. On the other hand, crafting normal items such as structures, tools, does not grant too many mastery points.

Additionally, you can earn crafting mastery points by completing the training quests. At the top of the screen, tap the training option -> complete these quests to earn huge amount of mastery points. 

Gathering & Combat -> Leveling up these abilities is quite easy. For gathering, gather the resources from the map or complete training quests. For combat mastery points, hunt animals/zombies. We would recommend you to craft machete weapon and an armor ASAP to gain combat points without any injury. If you have followed the tutorial quests, you should be having a long-range weapon; bow. That’s not good though. Or complete the training quests to earn huge amount of combat mastery points.

Benefits Of Upgrading Manor In LifeAfter⇓

Manor Upgrade unlocks new items such as new formulas(items; armor, cloth, plastic, cement, and more), functions such as quick repair, roommate, and more. The roommate function lets you share items with friends, lets you live with a friend in the house. The quick repair function lets you repair the broken structures. Zombies can break down your house. So you must repair it often.

How To Move Manor In LifeAfter?

Interact with the controller object in the development zone -> manage -> choose the Nurse option -> go to the Move Manor tab -> start move.

So this is the LifeAfter Manor Upgrade walkthrough guide for beginners. Also, see – LifeAfter guide, tips, walkthrough

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  1. It will not let me enter the development zone by air or foot. In stuck in the survival guide cause I’m not able to get to the Manor to upgrade it. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  2. trying to upgrade to manor level 8. requires all skills to be level 35 but skill wont upgrade to level 33. says to upgrade manor first??

    • Same is happening to me,,,i want to upgrade my manor but it says upgrade your craft skill to level 15 but when i try to check my craft skill it says upgrade main manor first!
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