LifeAfter Chapter 1 And 2 Walkthrough

LifeAfter – Newbie Quest Walkthrough – Survival in the Wilderness, Survival Tips. Learn how to expand backpack, about the oven, and more

LifeAfter Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 Walkthrough⇓

LifeAfter game features five chapters in the newbie quests(Survival Manual) that teach the basic aspects of the game. In today’s post, we will help you to complete the first two chapters of Newbie Quests; Survival in the Wilderness and Survival tips. And, you should complete these chapters if you want to earn gold bars, expand backpack item, new dollar, skill points, formula shard, and more. We will share the rest of 3 chapters walkthroughs in the next posts. Let’s get started: LifeAfter – Newbie Quest Walkthrough to the first two chapters.

Article Contents⇓

Survival In The Wilderness – Chapter 1 Walkthrough⇓

  1. Fall Forest I
  2. Back Home
  3. Fall Forest II
  4. Make Weapons
  5. Set Out Again

1.) Fall Forest I

Store Items -> In this quest, you have to store the items before you visit wilderness. The reason behind putting extra materials into the cabinet is the backpack has limited slots for resources, food, and special items. If you visit the wilderness with a full bag, you would not be able to collect anything from there. So it’s better to store the extra items in the cabinet before you board for the wilderness. Go close to the cabinet -> open -> put the items. That’s it. If you don’t have a cabinet, you can build it with material bench. You get the material bench from the Dev zone area or craft at the furniture store in the town hall.

Take The Helicopter -> Open the mini-map -> find out the passageway icon(red color exit type) on the map. This passageway icon displays the helicopter location. Go close to the helicopter -> open -> pact zone -> Autumn Forest.

Gather Resources -> In this quest, you need to gather wood and stone. Cut the trees, break the rocks.

Gather Hemp and Berries -> Hemp and berries are the two items that you need to collect to complete this quest. In this quest, pay attention to the mini-map. The mini-map displays the location of hemp and berries. Visit the green points on the map -> there you can get berries. The autumn leaf color icon on the mini-map displays the location of hemp.

Ship The Resources, Delivery Man -> In this quest, you need to ship berries, wood, and hemp. First, gather enough amount of these resources. After that, visit helicopter evac point(open the mini-map). Use the ladder and go up -> there you find the delivery man or postman. Interact with him -> use -> mailing service -> send all -> confirm. If you don’t do this, you would not be able to go back home. In LifeAfter, In some areas(for example; farstar city), NPC on helicopter evac point do not provide shipping facility. You will have to visit the shipping helicopter point.

2.) Back Home

Claim The Shipped Resources -> After completing the Fall Forest I quest, visit the home(Dev Zone). Near the house, there would be a red color mailbox. Interact with the mailbox -> receive -> get the mail or accept. Postman ships the resources to the mailbox.

Use The Oven -> In this quest, you have to cook a dish. You can use the berries to cook or get Jam. You can find berries in the autumn forest. Go close to the oven(household grill) -> cooking -> tap the + button and select any item. If you don’t have a household grill or oven, you can craft it at furniture maker store. Use the helicopter at Dev Zone -> open -> Zone -> Hope 101(town) -> proceed. After reaching the town -> tap the mini-map and look for the hammer icon. Visit the hammer point. That’s the furniture store. Go inside -> furniture maker(craft) -> household grill. To craft it, you need wood(chop trees) and iron ore(From rocks). They will ship it to the mailbox.

Make Wooden Board/Make Small Cabinet -> Use the material bench(if you don’t have a material bench, then read the oven point above and visit furniture store -> craft material bench) -> craft -> tap workable tab -> wooden board, tap furniture tab -> small cabinet.

Make Rag/Make Casual Jacket -> In LifeAfter, the rag is the item that you need to craft casual jacket. To craft these items, you need gear workstation facility. If you don’t have gear workstation, visit the furniture store and craft it(Read the oven point above for more details on furniture store). Go close to the gear workstation -> craft -> armor making -> tap workable option -> rag. Then tap formula -> casual jacket.

Small Cabinet -> Store the items in a small cabinet(already explained above).

3.) Fall Forest II

Go Further Into The Autumn Forest -> Visit the helicopter point -> open -> pact zone -> choose autumn forest.

Make Arrows/Make Bandages -> At the bottom-left side of the game screen, tap the make button -> ammo – arrows(you need wood, stone). Tap the make button again -> restore -> bandages(you need hemp item, read the Fall Forest I(4th point) for more info).

Get Bones -> Use the bow(arrows) and slay down the animals such as deers, bear, wolves or zombies. Once killed, search their bodies -> pick up the bones.

Gather Iron/Twig/Flint -> You can gather twig by chopping the trees using an AXE. And, gather flint/iron by breaking rocks using a pickaxe. Flint is rare.

Ship Twig/Iron Ore/Flint/Bone -> First, gather enough amount of these items(to ship) in autumn forest. Visit the helicopter evac point(use the mini-map) -> use the ladder and go up. Interact with the delivery man -> use mailing service -> send all or the items that you want to ship(twig, iron ore, flint, bones).

4.) Make Weapons

Claim Shipped Items -> In the above quest, you shipped twig, iron ore and more items through the mailing service. Check the mailbox(mailbox is near the house, at Dev zone/home). And claim the items.

Make Pig Iron -> Use the gear workstation to craft/make pig iron. If you don’t have gear workstation, craft it at the furniture store(read oven point above). Go close the the gear workstation -> craft -> make weapons -> tap the workable tab/option -> pig iron -> choose quantity -> craft.

Make Mondragon Rifle -> Use the gear workstation -> craft -> make wepaons -> mondragon rifle.

Make Gunpowder/Crude Ammo Box -> Gear Workstation -> craft -> make weapons -> crude ammo box, tap workable tab -> gunpowder.

Use Ammulation to load Mondragon Rifle -> Tap the bag icon at the bottom-left of the game screen -> select crude ammo box -> gear -> exit the window and place ammo box. Go close to the ammo box -> reload -> quick reload.

5.) Set Out Again

Take The Helicopter -> Visit autumn forest and equip the rifle.

Accept The Quest -> Once you are in the autumn forest, open the mini-map and look for the home icon. Visit that point -> there would be a quest board near the house. Go close to it -> tap the view button -> accept the quest.LifeAfter Scan Resource Points

Scan Resource Points On The Map -> In this LifeAfter quest, you will have to visit resource points. Open the mini-map and visit the quest target points. There you will see a yellow color marker above the object or animal/zombie. (Open mini-map, on the left side, you can check the quest target icon. Once figured out, visit the quest target points).

Defeat The Infected -> Kill the zombies with your gun or another weapon.

Unlock Chests -> Explore the map and find the chests. Usually, you get these around helicopter evac point. There is no exact place though.

So this is the LifeAfter first chapter walkthrough guide! Let’s head to the LifeAfter 2nd Walkthrough – Newbie Quest(Survival Tips).

Survival Tips – LifeAfter Chapter 2 Walkthrough⇓

  • Upgrade Manor
  • Manor Intro
  • Farstar City
  • New Findings
  • Move On

1.) Upgrade Manor

Upgrade Manor to level 2 -> We have posted this quest details in a separate post with pictures. Click here to learn how to upgrade manor to level 2.

Make Weapon Chest -> You can craft the weapon chest using the material bench.

Open Up Farmland -> In the development zone(house/base) -> there would be farmland where you get the plant option when you stand there. Go there and clear all the clutter. After that, tap the plant option -> use the berry seed or other items and sow seed. You can get these seeds from the wilderness.

2.) Manor Intro

Fuse various advanced gears and furniture formulas on the Formula R&D Station -> In this quest, you fuse the formula shards. You get these shards as a reward after completing the above quest(Upgrade manor, make sure to claim the reward in newbie quest menu). To fuse the shards, you need Formula Research Station(R&D Station). Check the mailbox(We get it from the mailbox as a reward). If you don’t have this facility, visit the town hall -> furniture store -> furniture maker -> craft Formula Research station -> claim it at the home/base/dev-zone via mailbox. For more information, read the Oven point in Chapter 1 walkthrough(2nd part).

Go close to the formula research or R&D station -> use -> formula composition -> fusion I -> compose.

Add A Manor Snapshot -> Go outside the house and find My Manor board. Interact with the board -> message board -> add snapshot.

Buy Limestone -> Use the helicopter and visit 101(Townhall, Camp). Once you are in the camp/town, open the mini-map and head to the hammer point. There you will see an NPC at the furniture store -> interact with him and buy limestone.

Make Brick/Make Enhancement -> Use the material bench -> workable -> make the brick. Use the material bench -> formula list -> find enhancement -> make.

Reinforcement -> Tap the build option inside the house -> go to the enhance tab -> select the item that you crafted in the last quest -> point to the wall -> tap the tick option to confirm.

3.) Farstar City In LifeAfter

In LifeAfter game, Farstar City is located in the war zone. There you can switch between peace mode and PvP mode. In the peace mode, players in the PvP mode cannot attack you. In the PvP mode, you can attack players in PvP mode or receive damage from other PvP players. If you are in peace mode, you should save yourself from the enemies. They can attack you. These enemies are located on the mini-map or displayed as a red color(i) icon.

Visit Farstar City -> Visit helicopter point at DEV zone -> open -> war zone -> Fartstar City.

Gather Twigs -> Cut the trees in Farstar City and gather enough amount of twigs.

LifeAfter ChestsUnlock Chest -> There are loads of homes in the Farstar city in LifeAfter game. Explore the map and inside these houses, you will find the chests. Keep in mind that there are some chests, which are locked and you need a master key to unlock.

Defeat The Infected -> Kill the zombies.

LifeAfter Shipping DroneShip Twig -> Once you have enough amount of twig(gathered in Farstar city), visit the shipping helicopter point. Open the mini-map -> look for the green/grey color helicopter point. If it’s green, it means the helicopter is there. If it’s grey, then you will have to wait a few minutes. Visit there -> point to the shipping drone -> ship twig.

4.) New Findings

LifeAfter Expand BackpackExpand Backpack -> After completing the above quest(Farstar City), you will get the reward; expand backpack item. This item is required to expand the backpack. Tap the newbie option at the top-right side of the game screen -> claim the rewards after completing the above quest. After that, visit dev zone/home back. Then visit the town hall/camp/101. Once you are in the camp/101/town/camp-hall -> open the mini-map and look for armor icon -> visit there. That’s the armor shop. Interact with the NPC in Armor Shop -> talk -> expand the backpack.

Make Repair Bench -> Click here to read how to craft repair bench.

Set Dog’s Habits -> Visit the town hall/camp/101 -> find the girl Matilda (open the mini-map and visit quest target point). Talk to Maltida -> pet attributes -> select an attribute -> setting.

Take Out The Repair Bench -> Claim the repair bench through the mailbox. Go inside the house -> build -> furniture -> repair bench.

Use The Oven To Find More Recipes -> In this LifeAfter game quest, you need to learn six recipes. Basically, you just put the food items in the household grill(read the oven point in chapter 1 more info) and discover the recipe. All you need to do is change the ingredients. Here’s the list of six recipes: –

  1. Barbecued Meals -> Meat(4)
  2. Jab – Berries(4)
  3. Meat Skewer – Meat(2)+Fruit(2)
  4. Streamed Vegetables – Vegetables (4) i.e. Pumpkins(Farstar City)
  5. Grilled Mushrooms – Mushrooms(4) – Visit food points when it’s raining
  6. Meatballs – Meat + Vegetables

5.) Move On

Gather Mushrooms -> You can gather mushrooms from the autumn forest or farstar city at the time of raining. Pay attention to the mini-map and visit green color food points.

Gather Hardwood Vines In Farstar City -> You can gather Hardwood Vines in Farstar City at the time of raining -> cut the trees

Defeat Infected -> Kill the zombies.

Unlock Chest -> Explore the map -> you can find the chests inside houses.

Defeat Infected -> Kill the zombies.

So this is the complete LifeAfter – first two chapters walkthrough. Also, see – LifeAfter guide for the beginners

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