Marvel Super War – How To Get Heroes?

Marvel Super War features over 42 heroes. If you are wondering how to get heroes, then this Marvel Super War guide on getting heroes may help youMarvel Super War How To Get Heroes

The player can recruit the heroes with coins, crystals, and star credits. Also, there are other ways to obtain heroes; like a login reward, in exchange for an in-game currency called Hero Clue, from the events, etc. For example – log in to the game for 7 consecutive days to get Iron Man. And you get Hulk for free on day 1 as a beginner Sign-in reward. In this post, we have breakdown all the ways to get heroes in Marvel Super War. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

From The Shop In Exchange For In-Game Currencies

The three main in-game currencies in Marvel Super War are coins, star credits, and crystals. You can get coins by playing the game, crystals by completing the quests or from events, as a level-up reward. To level up in Marvel Super War, you need EXP – EXP can be obtained by playing the matches or completing the quests. The Star Credit is the premium in-game currency that you can obtain by spending real money. You can use it for hero skins or heroes.

Go to the shop -> hero -> there you will find all the heroes that you can recruit using one of these in-game currencies. We would not recommend you to spend precious in-game currencies on low tier heroes. So make sure to check this: –

Get Heroes From The Museum

Some rare heroes like Thanos can be obtained from the Museum. Go to the shop menu -> Museum -> Dark Star or Brilliant Casket. Tap Dark Star – this will take you to the Darl Star summon screen where you can spend dark star points and crystals to obtain precious/rare heroes/hero skins or in-game currencies like dark shards. On the bottom of the screen, you can check the obtainable rewards. Tap the more button and then check the hero tab to see available heroes. On the bottom-left corner, tap the collection chamber to redeem dark shards for heroes or skins. For example – 40 Dark Shards for Thanos.Marvel Super War How To Get Heroes

Brilliant Casket – This is for those who have star credits. Here you can use brilliant casket(in-game currency) and star credits for premium skins like Hell-Sworn Thor, Hawkeye’s Marvel’s The Avengers skin, etc. or currency like bright crystal that you can exchnage for high-level skins. Other than these rewards, you can also obtain skin shards, advanced skin shards, hero clue, etc.

By Redeeming Hero Clue

You can get hero clues from the Museum or by completing the achievements, by completing the weekly quest milestones, from the events. Head to the shop -> redeem -> there you can exchange hero clue for the Marvel Super War Heroes.

From The Events

Keep an eye on the events and complete the event quests for precious heroes or in-game currencies. For example – at the time of writing this post, there is an event called Gauntlet(for beginners) is going on. Completing all the quests under this event rewards Storm.Marvel Super War How To Get Heroes

Sign In Daily

Sign in daily for consecutive days to receive heroes. For example – Iron Man on the 7th day(might change in future).

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