How To Become A Brain Surgeon In BitLife?

Wondering how to become a Brain Surgeon in BitLife? In this BitLife – Life Simulator walkthrough guide, we have shared all the steps to become a Brain Surgeon in BitLife

BitLife - Life Simulator Brain Surgeon

How To Become A Brain Surgeon In BitLife?

Becoming a Brain Surgeon, which is one of the 146 Careers in BitLife, is an easy task. All you need to do is graduate from Medical School and then apply for the Brain Surgeon post in Hospital. You don’t need to have any experience – this job is available to freshers. After applying, you will need to pass the interview – every player gets different/random questions in the interview.

Out first tip would be starting life with a character having 90+ stats in smartness, happiness, and health. And, then study Biology at the University. It helps you enroll in Medical School quickly. You can also try other subjects like Nursing or Psychology – but Biology with impressive 90+ stats would be our first choice. So this is the summary of this post. Let’s learn everything in detail. BitLife – Life Simulator walkthrough guide to how to become a Brain Surgeon in BitLife.

Stats Requirement To Become A Brain Surgeon In BitLife⇓

Since you have to graduate from Medical School, you must possess decent stats so that you can get approved for the Medical School. So we would recommend starting life with a character whose stats are 90+ in smart/health/happiness. Smart – if you are not smart, you might not get approved in Medical School. Health – Unhealthy Brain Surgeon? Not a chance. Happiness – Sad or Depressed? Not a chance. So make sure that you are healthy and happy.

Education Qualifications To Become A Brain Surgeon In BitLife⇓

  • School
  • High School
  • Study Biology at University
  • Enroll in Medical School
  • Graduate from Medical School

BitLife - Life Simulator Brain SurgeonAfter high school, we would recommend studying Biology at University. If this option is not available, pass out from the Community College and try again – if still not there, start over. After University, seek higher education in Medical School. You will easily get approved if you have 90+ stats and studied Biology at University.

After Medical School⇓

BitLife - Life Simulator Brain SurgeonTap the occupation button -> Jobs -> apply for Brain Surgeon. Pass the interview and work as a brain surgeon for 20 consecutive years to get career achievement. You can shuffle the job listings by closing/opening the app – if this job is not available.

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So this would be all in this post on how to become a Brain Surgeon in BitLife – Life Simulator. If you know any other way to grab this career, share it in the comment section below.

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