Marvel Super War Tier List – Best Heroes(Updated)

Marvel Super War is a new MOBA game by NetEase for Android and iOS, packed with popular Marvel Heroes. Check out Marvel Super War Tier List – Best HeroesMarvel Super War Tier List Best Heroes

NetEase’s Marvel Super War has just been released for Android and iOS on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. The game is packed with Marvel Heroes such as Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, and many more. All these characters or heroes are classified into six classes; Fighter, Power, Marksman, Assassin, Tank, and Support. Each hero has different abilities and attack style. For example – some are melee heroes, while some strike the enemies from a long-distance. For starters, we would recommend checking this Marvel Super War guide for beginners. In this Marvel Super War Tier List, we have breakdown the best heroes. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Marvel Super War Tier List – Best Heroes: –

These are the best heroes in Marvel Super War: –Marvel Super War Tier List Best Heroes

Captain America – S-Tier

  • Class – Fighter

Captain America is still one of the top-tier best heroes in Marvel Super War – despite being nerfed in the last update. Along with the decent damage stats, he is also tanky. Speaking of his skills, Captain America possesses three types of skills: – Damage, Accelerate, and Control. These three skills are Shield Throw – to inflict damage, Liberty Rush – dash forwards and hits the enemy, and Avenger Vanguard – deals PHY DMG, causes a knockback effect to nearby enemies.

Captain America’s passive skill activates when he uses the Shield Throw skill, it increases his movement speed. He is the best hero in the game! Marvel Super War Tier List Best Heroes

Hulk – S-Tier

  • Class – Tank

One thing that you should be aware of is to build the character according to his/her strength/class. Hulk is a tank class character with amazing skills, easy to play, and does decent damage. You don’t need to buy attack-type gears for him as his strength is not attacking – you will be playing as a tank and you have to build him in such a way that he is hard to get killed during the fight. So for hulk, buy defensive gears and make him more tanky.

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Marvel Super War Tier List Best HeroesThanos – S-Tier

  • Class – Fighter

Marvel Super War’s Thanos is not free like other heroes. That means you would not be able to get him with coins. For more information, have a look at this guide –

His strength is dealing massive physical damage to the enemies by unleashing the brutal skills. You can further improve him during the game by equipping ATK/DEF/SPD gears. Avoid Jungle and Support gears. Marvel Super War Tier List Best Heroes

Antman – S-Tier

  • Class – Fighter

Build him as a tank to increase survivability and get the most out of his skills during the fight. He has four active skills which cause damage to the enemies: –

  1. Ant Charge – with this skill, Antman dash forwards in a specified position – causes PHY DMG to the enemies in range and his path. The base damage increases as you level up this skill
  2. Ant-Sized – with this skill, he summons a flying ant to ride – which boosts the movement speed. Also, enemies would not be able to see his HP bar during the skill effect and he becomes invincible.
  3. Super Soldier – with this skill, he emerges as a giant and deals physical damage to the enemies in range. Also, he gains armor and energy resist – but attack speed decreases
  4. Flying Ant Swarm – Antman summons ants to attack

Rocket Racoon – S-Tier

  • Class – Marksman

One of the best Marksmen in Marvel Super War with powerful damage skills. Improve his damage power with a perfect build – Attack(PHY ATK, ATK SPEED, CRIT).

  • Machine Gun Volley – with this skill, Rocket Raccoon gets into the strafing mode and casts three volleys – each causes physical damage or it may also trigger critical/base-attack effect
  • Raccoon Sprint – this skill boosts his movement speed
  • Explosive Mine – the best skill he has – allowing you to set traps for the enemies on the battlefield. It lets you place an explosive mine at the specified location – lure enemies and make them fall in this trap to make a massive explosion

Groot – S-Tier

  • Class – Support/Tank

The best thing about Groot is his passive skill. Unlike other heroes, who are thrown back to the base upon K.O. – Groot, on the other hand, stays there and can respawn at the same location. In other words, Groot after being killed by the enemy turns into Baby Groot or respawn immediately in baby form. However, you would not be able to deal damage in this form. He also does decent damage with the skills.

Build him as a tank and increase survivability and keep soaking damage and support non-tanky allies.

Angel – S-Tier

  • Class – Marksman

Another best Marksman in Marvel Super War. He is good at dealing burst damage.

Ghost – S-Tier

  • Class – Assassin

High mobility, good at dodging attacks, does decent damage.

Ghost has two amazing skills – the passive skill that activates when you pass through the enemies – affecting them with the Quantum Corrosion effect, which causes PHY DMG upon detonation. And, the Quantum Field skill which makes her invisible and improves acceleration.

Jubilee – S-Tier

  • Class – Energy

She does great damage – but hard to master. Her passive skill increases the basic attack damage after she uses an ability. The 1st skill she posses is Spark Show, which causes continuous damage and grants shield to herself that absorbs damage. Also, it stuns the enemy. The 2nd skill does AoE DMG. The 3rd skill lets you dash in a specified direction for a short distance.

And, at last, the ultimate skill, which causes massive damage to the enemies with firework marks. When you use Spark Show and Radiance abilities, Jubilee puts this mark on the enemy.

Human Torch – S-Tier

  • Class – Energy

High mobility, powerful ULT skills like Jubilee and decent damage stats.

The Thing – S-Tier

  • Class – Tank

High Survivability – can soak a lot of damage – a decent tank like Hulk. Build him with proper defense gear.

Beast – S-Tier

  • Class – Assassin

High Damage and decent mobility. Passive skill causes additional damage, heals beast, imrove movement speed. Enhance skill increases attack speed and the next two basic attacks. Bestial Raid skill makes the enemy slow. Ult causes massive damage.

So these are the best Marvel Super War heroes – S Tier.

Marvel Super War Tier List – Good Heroes(A-Tier): –

  • Star-lord – Marksman
  • Spiderman – Assassin
  • Lady Sif – Fighter
  • Scarlet Witch – Energy
  • Cull Obsidian – Tank
  • Captain Marvel – Assassin
  • Mantis – Support
  • Thor – Fighter
  • Heimdall – Tank
  • Namor – Tank
  • Corvus Glaive – Fighter
  • Scarlet Witch – Energy
  • Ebony Maw – Support
  • Magneto  – Energy
  • Yondu – Marksman
  • War Machine – Marksman
  • Hawkeye – Marksman
  • Proxima Midnight – Assassin
  • Iron Man – Energy
  • Ronan – Tank

Marvel Super War Tier List – B-Tier Heroes(OK): –

  • Executioner – Fighter
  • Mister Fantastic – Fighter
  • Emma Frost – Assassin
  • Blade – Fighter
  • Deadpool – Fighter
  • Loki – Power
  • Black Widow – Assassin
  • Iceman – Energy
  • QuickSilver – Assassin
  • Sandman – Tank
  • Storm – Power

Marvel Super War Tier List – C-Tier Heroes(Bad): –

  • Cloak & Dagger – Support
  • War Machine – Marksman

Change Logs: –

January 18, 2020 – Marvel Super War Season 1 Updated Tier List.

January 2020: –

  • Updated!

26-12-2019: –

  • Spiderman/The Thing/Cull Obsidian’s tier updated
  • Added Thanos to S Tier
  • Added more info on heroes
  • New Hero – Namor(Tank) – 22888 Coins or 538 Star-Credits

Also, see –

So this would be all in this Marvel Super War Tier List – Best Heroes. More information and in-depth guides on heroes will be posted soon. Suggestions on this tier list? Comment below!

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  1. Cull Obsidian is very powerful tank when use properly,because in my opinion Cull Obsidian can clear wave really fast in his 2nd skill.The great about this is that he can be in the Top Laner or a Support.In support he can actually give a decent amount if pressure from early to late game because of skills especially his 1st skill that has a range and gank potential.The good thing about this tank that he can set up a good kill to his teammates