Marvel Super War Star-Lord – Best Gears & Guide To Skills

Star-Lord is one of the Marksman-Class heroes featured in Marvel Super War. Read on and check out Marvel Super War Star-Lord best gears & guide to skills

In our Marvel Super War tier list, we listed Star-Lord in the S-Tier. He is one of the best DPS heroes with high mobility. But because of the low defense, his survivability is pretty low. Also, he is hard to master. If you use him properly(avoid taking damage from turrets, dodge enemy hero’s attacks and focus only on inflicting damage) and equip the right type of gears, he will help you become the MVP of the match. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content – Marvel Super War – best gears for Star-Lord and guide to his skills.Marvel Super War Star-Lord

Best Gear Set For Star-Lord In Marvel Super War: –

  • Hunting Greaves – Move Speed

As mentioned above, his main strength is his mobility and inflicting damage. You can further improve these attributes by equipping Hunting Greaves/Boot, which costs 735 Gold Coins. It increases the movement speed by 50, and attack speed by +25%. So Star-Lord will be able to move pretty fast and the attack speed will also get increased.

An alternative gear would be Rocket Boots.

  • Stormbreaker – Attack

Star-Lord shines in mobility and attack aspects and has low defense, so Stormbreaker would be a good gear to equip. Stormbreaker gives you +900 HP that increases survivability, +70 physical attack that increases attack power, and +15% CD reduction. It costs 2000 gold coins.

  • Valkyrie Bow – Attack

Another gear in Marvel Super War that enhances your attack power, attack speed. It increases Physical Attack by 60, ATK SPD by +35%, and +10% ATK HP Steal. Also, the passive buff – for extra damage to the targets and beasts. It costs 2135 gold coins.

  • Silent Hunter – Attack

This gear improves CRIT rate, as well as, ATK Speed. Buy it if you have already bought Stormbreaker. The passive effect of this gear helps you inflict AoE DMG.

  • Dual Blade – Attack

Another attack-type gear that improves PHY ATK by +110%, ATK HP Steel by 25%. The passive effect – when at max HP, absorbed HP is converted into a shield that negates up to 100+(40* Level) damage.

  • Immortal Glaive – Attack Gear

It costs 2000 gold coins and improves HP by 1000 and PHY ATK by 70. The passive effect gives you a shield that negates damage and ATK bonus for a few seconds – upon a certain condition passed(when taking 25% of the total HP as damage).Marvel Super War Star-Lord

Star-Lord Skills: –

He has three actives skills – two skills help you inflict damage and one accelerates the movement speed. And the passive skill converts basic attack and ability damage from each element shot(shot by Let’s rock skill) to energy damage.

One of the best skills he possesses is rocket boots that you can use to escape from a critical situation. For example – when low on HP and surrounded by multiple enemies. This skill boosts Star-Lord’s speed by a massive amount.

Let’s Rock Skill – Damage:  – Casts 11 element shots at a specific enemy. Each element shot inflicts PHY DMG – but blocks you from using the basic attacks. Also, improves the attack speed on every fire.

Milano Strike – Bombs specified area and inflict massive PHY DMG. At level 1, it’s 160 and can be upgraded to 370 at level 4.

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