Might & Magic: Chess Royale Tips: Strategies, Tricks

Might & Magic: Chess Royale is a brand new auto-chess game for Android and iOS. Read on for Might & Magic: Chess Royale tips, strategies, and tricks

Might & Magic: Chess Royale TipsThere is no tutorial in the game – so if you are a beginner and have not played this type of game earlier, you need a great Might & Magic: Chess Royale guide full of tips, tricks & strategies to become the top scorer among 100 players. This game is a bit similar to other auto-chess games like Onmyoji Chess. You will buy the units with gold and deploy them on the chessboard. Each unit has different stats, skills and belongs to a certain faction.

The game gives you a few seconds to buy the unit, deploy them on the battlefield and then your army on the chessboard fights other players round-by-round. Your goal is to build the best army; have tanks to soak damage, attackers to inflict damage, healers or supporters to heal/support allies. As you get victories, your rank will improve and the rewards will be much better. There is an in-game guide that you can check by tapping the game guide button on the left side of the screen. Let’s get started and explore all Might & Magic: Chess Royale tips, cheats & tricks: –

Get Familiar With The Basics Of Chess Royale

You need gold coins to buy the units from the shop. The player can also use the gold coins to buy XP and level up. Level up XP increases the board level and you will be able to deploy more units on the chess board. At the start of the game, you will get 4 gold coins that you can use to buy the units for the first time.

There are tanks, healers, damage-dealers, melee-fighters and many more units to buy and build the army. You can spend the coins to refresh the units in the shop – it randomly gives you the deals on units. You earn gold coins as you progress through the rounds and get victories.

Place The Units Wisely

Place the tanks/melee-fighters in front, ranged-attackers/healers in the backline.

Check Out The Units

Since there are a variety of units with different classes and factions, it’s important to get familiar with the units’ profile – it helps you buy the best units based on the situation. Go to the game guide menu -> units -> there you can check out all the units that are featured in Might & Magic: Chess Royale game.

For example – Zealot is the healer with healing ability. Tap on the unit profile to check his role; tank, support or DPS. Also, it displays the skill of the unit on the same page.

Activate Synergies To Get Bonus Effects

If you deploy a certain number of units belong to a specific faction or class, you can get bonuses. For example – have 3 fortress faction units on the board to get extra gold after a kill. Head to the game guide menu and there you can synergies effects and the requirement to activate them.

Buy Spells For Passive Effects

As soon as you enter the top 99 in Might & Magic: Chess Royale, Spell shop gets available. From there you can buy spells, which provide passive effects. Their effects will last for a few rounds – you can extend it by spending more gold.

Upgrade The Units In Chess Royale

You can upgrade the units and increase their rank/power for better performance. How to upgrade? You need 3 copies of the same unit and the game will automatically merge all to a 2-star unit. So if you see a duplicate character in the shop that you think you would keep using him/her – consider buying. For example, buy 3 Zealot(s) to get a 2-star Zealot – healer.

So this would be all in this post on Might & Magic: Chess Royale tips & tricks for beginners.

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