The Walking Zombie 2 Skills Guide – Best Skills

In The Walking Zombie 2, you can invest the skill points in raising the character’s skills or abilities. Read on for The Walking Zombie 2 skills guide – best skills

The Walking Zombie 2 SkillsYour character has over 10 skills. Each skill has a unqiue effect and its effectiveness can be increased by investing the skill points that you earn by leveling up the character. For starters, check out The Walking Zombie 2 guide or Perks guide, The Walking Zombie 2 Codes. In today’s post, we will give you an overview of all the skills. Also, we have recommended The Walking Zombie 2 Best Skills. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

The Walking Zombie 2 Skills: –

Since you can not reset the invested skill points, it’s important to invest them wisely from the start. Also, there are lots of abilities a character can master – this makes the newbie players confused.

We would recommend you to focus on trading skill. Trading is one of the best skills in The Walking Zombie 2 as it reduces the purchase price of the goods at the trader. This makes you spend less on the books. With the cheap price of books, it would be easy for you to buy them. And, then you can read these books and acquire skill points. Other skills are: –

Speech Skill

In some of the quests, you will need a certain value of speech. If you are low on speech points, you would not be able to choose that option during the conversation or dialogue. However, this is not an important skill.


We don’t recommend spending skill points on the skill as it does not worth. FYI – It increases the damage of firearms.

Laser Weapons

It increases the damage dealt by the laser weapons. NOT RECOMMENDED!

Melee Weapons

It increases the damage dealt by the melee weapons. NOT RECOMMENDED!

Critical Hit

This ability increases the chances of inflicting a critical hit to the zombie.


The defense is one of the main attributes of the character. The higher the defense of the character, the less damage he takes from the zombie. Although, this skill does not worth as it increases the defense by only 1%.


The health skill in The Walking Zombie 2 increases the max health of the character by one point.


Not recommended. FYI – Curing skill increases healing effectiveness.


Not recommended. FYI – Increases the chances of avoiding random encounters during traveling.


Pretty good skill as it decreases the difficulty of lockpicking. There is also a perk that you can activate to slowdown the lockpick movement.


It decreases gas consumption – so you will consume less fuel for traveling to different areas.


The best skill to invest in The Walking Zombie 2. It will reduce the prices of goods at the trader and you can buy stuff like books at a cheap rate.

Radiation Resistance

Reduces the damage received from radiations. It’s not necessary to invest in this skill as you can use RAD-X for radiation resistance.

So our best skill choice would be “TRADING “. Unlock reading, booking worm perk, use books, and get better!

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So this would be all in this post on The Walking Zombie 2 skills guide for beginners.

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2 thoughts on “The Walking Zombie 2 Skills Guide – Best Skills”

  1. Who made this guide? Why? It’s all wrong!

    First of all you should not put perks in speech but instead buy bibles when you can.

    The firearms skill becomes useful when you deal with higher level enemies, and 100 points in it makes a difference.

    Defense is really useful. Did someone play this game for 2 minutes and wrote this?? Yes, it’s “only” 1% but you can get 100% or 200% defence and that’s better than any amount of hp.

    Lockpicking is easy if you take the pins one at a time. Don’t put perk points in this.

    The driving skills is literally useless, did you read how insanely little it “helps”?

    Trading is a useless skill, you get lots of money anyway, just do Ace quests until you get to around the mayor’s truck mission. It’s little but it’s also exp that builds up.

    • I kinda agree with you, except for the driving skill, at 100 pts that will be 30% less on gas, that’s a lot if you’re finish with the main quest and traveling around the world map. Maybe its useless early game but very important on end game.