Monolisk Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Monolisk is a brand new mobile game where players hunt the monsters & items in custom created dungeons. Check out our Monolisk guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Monolisk lets you build and publish custom Dungeons. Players from all over the world create beautiful challenging custom Dungeons. You will play as one of the five characters; Warrior, Hunter, Shadow, Mage, and Artificer. All these characters can equip a variety of gears. Equip them gears so that you can conquer hard difficulty Dungeons. If you have just started playing Monolisk, then today’s Monolisk guide and Monolisk tips, cheats & strategies will help you!

Monolisk GuideMonolisk

The Basics

Let’s get started with the basics. There are five characters in the game – all are unlocked by default – and, you are free to choose anyone for the Dungeon battle. All these characters use a unique weapon – you can switch to another weapon or gear in the equipment menu. For example – if you want to attack from a range, then you should use the ranged-type weapon.

MonoliskFor example – Hunter uses a blunt throwing knife, which is a ranged-weapon. You can check the weapon type in the equipment menu -> tap the weapon -> check whether it’s ranged or not. If not, you will see blank info. If yes, you will see the range stats.

The basic in-game currency in the game is Orb that you get by getting victories in the Shards or Dungeons designed by other players. Tap the play button on the lobby and choose a Dungeon that you want to play. While in the Dungeon, kill the creatures or destroy the objects to get Orbs.

You can use Orbs to buy the packs, which contain creature and gear cards.

How To Design A Dungeon In Monolisk?

MonoliskOn the bottom-left corner of the game screen, tap My Shards option to navigate to the Dungeon Design menu. There you can create a new Dungeon. First, you need to choose a realm and then choose a Shardstone. And, both things should be of the same color. For example – Marsh & Green Shardstone Chip, Mountain & Blue Shardstone Chip.

After that, insert the name or name the Dungeon.

Once you have done that, a new screen will open where you can freely customize or design the Dungeon. Use the two fingers to move view/screen, select the object and then use one finger to build it. There are three things that you can add; objects such as boxes, chests – pillars or other cement objects, and the last one, creatures. You can get high-level creatures from the packs.

If you want to build a hard-to-beat Dungeon, then you should add high-level creatures – and, place them all on various locations on the Dungeon.

On the left side of the screen, you can switch between the objects and creatures. To remove an object or creature, tap the cross option at the bottom-left corner of the same menu – and, then select the object that you want to remove from the map.

Once you are all done, it’s time to publish it. Tap the Publish button on the top-right -> confirm -> to get approved or published, you must clear the Dungeon. Of Course, the game would not want to share it with players if the creator himself/herself fails to clear it. So you must complete it and then the game will publish it.

After that, other players will be able to play the Dungeon designed by you. And they can also rate your Dungeon. So try creating an intersting Shard/Dungeon in Monolisk – to get high-ratings, more followers.

Equipment Guide

MonoliskA character can equip lots of gears: weapon, armor, helmet, vest, gloves, boots, accessories, etc. Head to the equipment menu and on the top-right, you can switch between the gear’s type(weapon to armor). All you have to do is drag the gear card from inventory to the character. After that, you will see the change.

Some gears grant abilities to the character; for example – Untouchable is the card for Witch that grants immunity to all damage for a few seconds. If the gear has an ability, you can read its detail by tapping the card.

During the Dungeon battle, you can unleash these abilities by tapping their icons at the bottom-center of the screen.

Monolisk Tips & Tricks: –

  • Destroy the objects(boxes, chests) in the Dungeon to get Orbs or restore HP of the character
  • Choose a ranged weapon if you want to attack from a distance
  • Get familiar with the gear’s abilities and use them at the right time
  • Equip gears to the character to get stronger
  • Complete the quests to get Orbs
  • Spend Orbs for the packs and unlock new gears, creatures
  • Get victories in the Shards for glory points
  • Get more glory points by completing the Shard Challenges

Shard Challenges – Head to the lobby and tap the quests option on the top-right. In the Quests menu, on the top-right, tap the crown to open the Glory menu. There you can check the Shard Challenges. Complete them to get more glory points.

So this would be all in this Monolisk guide and Monolisk tips for the beginners.

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